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295 Possible Causes for Protruding Lips

  • Acrocallosal Syndrome

    lips, high-arched palate, bifid uvula, broad trunk, apparently widely spaced nipples, diastasis recti, small umbilical hernia, tapering fingers, fifth-finger clinodactyly[] […] year-old girl with macrocephaly, bulging forehead, ocular hypertelorism, antimongoloid palpebral slant, convergent strabismus, atrophy of optic papillae, short philtrum, protruding[]

  • Actinic Keratosis

    Lower lip with protruding sore, white patches and cracks with dried blood, a possible mix of actinic cheilitis and skin cancer. Crusted red spots on the cheek and ear.[]

  • Hypogonadism

    The school-age boy with hypogonadism from Klinefelter syndrome probably has characteristic knock-knees (genu valgum), high arches (pes cavus), protruding lips, a projecting[]

  • Benign Migratory Glossitis

    Brenner S, Lipitz R, Ilie B, Krakowski A: Psoriasis of the lips: the unusual Köbner phenomenon caused by protruding upper teeth. Dermatologica 1982;164:413-416.[] Brenner et al. [ 24 ] reported on the induction of lip psoriasis by koebnerization in a patient whose psoriatic condition was triggered by chronic trauma from protruding maxillary[] Despite chronicity, the overlapping signs and symptoms, as well as the atypical site of involvement, may cause lip psoriasis to be mistaken for solar cheilosis, chronic eczema[]

  • Psoriasis

    Brenner S, Lipitz R, Ilie B, Krakowski A (1982) Psoriasis of the lips: the unusual Koebner phenomenon caused by protruding upper teeth.[]

  • Uterine Prolapse

    A 55-year-old, para 7, Tanzanian woman, 7 months postmenopausal, presented with history of a protruding vaginal mass for 3 months.[] She also had a third-degree uterine prolapse with the cervix beyond the hymen and a huge, ulcerated, round mass on the anterior lip of the cervix.[]

  • Corneal Stromal Dystrophy

    lips, skin laxity, "hound dog" ) cranial and peripheral neuropathy -cardiac and renal failure -lattice may look like prominent corneal nerves (nerves won't show up in retroillumination[] lips and pendulous ears (due to amyloid deposition and secondary muscular dysfunction) Pathology Sub-Bowman layer deposits of amyloid lattice lines and intra-lamellar amyloid[] It presents in early adulthood with peripheral neuropathies, cranial neuropathies, hound-like facies, dry skin, blepharochalasis, protruding lips, and corneal lattice lines[]

  • Adenoma

    , and ears, as well as a protruding brow and lower jaw, joint pain, sleep apnea, and excess perspiration.[] […] acromegaly' literally means 'large extremities' and accurately describes some of the symptoms of this condition, which include enlargement of body parts like hands, feet, nose, lips[]

  • 3q13.31 Microdeletion Syndrome

    lips.[] OMIM : 57 The chromosome 3q13.31 deletion syndrome is characterized by marked developmental delay, characteristic facies with a short philtrum and protruding lips, and abnormal[] […] major characteristics including significant developmental delay, muscular hypotonia, a high arched palate, and recognisable facial features including a short philtrum and protruding[]

  • Epilepsy

    […] ears Facial gestalt suggestive of Angelman syndrome Prominent forehead Broad forehead Micrognathia High forehead Short nose, upturned tip Full lips Prominent columella Widely[] […] hypotonia Tourette’s syndrome Gait ataxia Feeding difficulties Feeding difficulties Slight hypotonia Dysmorphic features Square-shaped face Triangular face Brachycephaly Protruding[]

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