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180 Possible Causes for Pruritic, Eczematous Lesions

  • Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy

    Occasionally, eczematous, polycyclic and target lesions or vesicles (but never bullae) eventually in an acral dyshidrosiform pattern can be seen [ 1, 10, 11 ].[] We report an intensely pruritic cutaneous eruption that occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy.[] Lesions are frequently present centrally and are intensely pruritic. Mucous membranes are usually not involved.[]

  • Atopic Dermatitis

    […] may produce unsuccessful and unsatisfactory results. we aimed to assess the efficacy of apheretic treatments in patients with severe, recalcitrant AD, in particular, the pruritic[] Atopic dermatitis is a common inflammatory skin condition characterized by relapsing eczematous lesions in a typical distribution.[] Abstract Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, pruritic inflammatory disease that often disrupts sleep in severely affected children, but there are limited studies to guide clinical[]

  • Pruritic Rash

    Most of the eczematous rashes are pink, red or flesh-colored. Moreover, eczematous lesions tend to have small blisters, become wet and may fissure.[] This article describes a patient with a progressive pruritic rash and fluid-filled blisters.[] […] appearance of lesions, and personal or family history of atopy 12 Skin biopsy is nonspecific and not often done* Contact dermatitis Erythema; edema; vesicles; bullae in linear[]

  • Prurigo Nodularis

    Severe itching lead to excoriation, eczematization and on healing of lesions, they may leave skin scarring.[] This study will evaluate the anti-pruritic effect of apremilast in patients with known PN.[] Abstract Prurigo nodularis (PN) is a chronic, highly pruritic condition characterized by the presence of hyperkeratotic, excoriated, pruritic papules and nodules, with a tendency[]

  • Chronic Actinic Dermatitis

    CAD can become so severe that even nonexposed parts of the body develop eczematous lesions and the disease persists during winter.[] A 52-year-old man experienced a pruritic and erythematous eruption on his face, neck, upper chest, and arms.[] Chronic actinic dermatitis (CAD) is a photosensitivity disorder marked by severe eczematous lesions on exposed areas.[]

  • Herpes Gestationis

    Lesions are grouped and may be crusted or appear eczematous.[] Advanced pemphigoid gestationis initially misdiagnosed as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy.[] Lesions consist of urticarial and eczematous papules, plaques, blisters, and vesicles. Mucous membranes and striae gravidarum are generally spared.[]

  • Extramammary Paget Disease

    We describe the case of a man in his 50s who initially presented with a small eczematous lesion on his right groin, treated with topical ointments for eczema, until excisional[] This article aims to draw attention to the need for biopsy of pruritic vulvar lesions that do not respond to usual treatment.[] A 74-year-old woman presented with a 1 year history of a pruritic eczematous eruption in perineum which on biopsy was diagnosed as EMPD.[]

  • Dermatitis

    The distinction is that eczema can mean inflamed skin from any cause, whereas AD is the relapsing–remitting pruritic rash that occurs at typical sites, mainly the face and[] Patients suffer from stigmatizing eczematous skin lesions, persisting itch and sleep disorders. Starting usually in early childhood the course of AD is heterogeneous.[] Abstract The case of a 58-year-old man with a pruritic rash involving the pubic area that had been undiagnosed for 30 years is presented.[]

  • Psychogenic Pruritus

    At times, the itch-scratch cycle can mask the primary cause of the itch because it results in secondary skin lesions such as eczematous changes, lichenification, and excoriation[] 2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 698.9 Unspecified pruritic disorder Short description: Pruritic disorder NOS.[] Preview Abstract Background: Among our dermatologic outpatients who respond little or only temporarily to dermatologic therapeutic methods alone patients with psychogenic pruritic[]

  • Papular Urticaria

    Pruritic eczematous and papular or urticaria‐like skin lesions are commonly observed in the prodromal period [ 25 – 27 ].[] […] papules, burrows, nodules, or excoriations typically on the finger webs, wrists, elbows, axillae, or buttocks; intensely pruritic Selected Differential Diagnosis of a Pruritic[] "Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy: polymorphic eruption of pregnancy (PUPPP)".[]

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