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227 Possible Causes for Pruritus Vulvae

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  • Trichomonas Infection

    Clinical Microbiology Reviews 2004;17(4):794-803 On DermNet NZ: Genital skin problems Pruritus vulvae Other websites: Trichomoniasis – CDC: Sexually Transmitted Diseases ([] vulvae (itchy vulva ), and vaginal burning or itch Pain and/or bleeding with sexual intercourse can occur The urethra is often involved producing urethral discharge , and[] […] offensive odour The classic symptom is a yellow-green, frothy, foul-smelling discharge , but this is present in less than 10% of symptomatic females Other symptoms include pruritus[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    vulvae or with frequent, recurrent or prolonged infections.[] […] outweighed by the benefits of reducing cardiovascular risk. [ 8 ] Presentation Patients with all types of diabetes may present with polyuria, polydipsia, lethargy, boils, pruritus[]

  • Atrophic Vaginitis

    Pruritus vulvae Pruritus vulvae is itching of the vulva (which includes the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, perineum and the external openings of the urethra[] Vaginal or vulval dryness Vaginal or vulval itching ( pruritus vulvae ) Vaginal burning Painful sex ( dyspareunia ) Skin splitting (fissuring) of the entrance to the vagina[] On DermNet NZ Menopause Lactation and the skin Genital skin problems Recurrent fissuring of the posterior fourchette Pruritus vulvae Other websites Ovestin Vaginal Cream –[]

  • Menopause

    On DermNet NZ Pruritus vulvae Vaginitis Flushing Hormonal treatment Hirsutism Vulvovaginal candidiasis Vulvodynia Dyaesthetic vulvodynia Vestibulodynia Vulvar intraepithelial[] , fractures, low back pain. • Vagina—Bloody discharge, dyspareunia, vaginitis. • Vocal cords—Deepened voice. • Vulva—Atrophy, dystrophy, pruritus. menopause Change of life[] […] disturbances Pelvic floor Uterovaginal prolapse Skeleton Osteoporosis, fractures, low back pain Vagina Bloody discharge, dyspareunia, vaginitis Vocal cords Deepened voice Vulva[]

  • Enterobiasis

    This can cause vulvovaginitis, i.e. an inflammation of the vulva and vagina. This causes vaginal discharge and pruritus vulvae, i.e., itchiness of the vulva.[] Presentation The presenting feature is often pruritus ani or pruritus vulvae, especially at night. Loss of sleep can cause behavioural problems.[] […] and vagina. [9] [10] This causes vaginal discharge and pruritus vulvae , i.e., itchiness of the vulva. [9] The pinworms can also enter the urethra , and presumably, they[]

  • Lichen Sclerosus

    Lichen sclerosus can be extremely itchy and/or sore ( pruritus vulvae ).[] Topical TRPM8 agonist (icilin) relieved vulva pruritus originating from lichen sclerosus et atrophicus. Acta Derm Venereol. 2012; 92 :561–2. [ PubMed ] 37.[] In long-standing disease, many patients experience progressive scarring of the vulva leading to obliteration and fusion of the labia and the periclitoral structures.[]

  • Kraurosis Vulvae

    Dr. 1 doctor agreed: 14 14 What is the symptom of vulva itching (or pruritus vulvae( indicative of? Dr.[] vulva.[] Definition (MSH) Atrophy and shriveling of the SKIN of the VULVA that is characterized by the whitish LICHEN SCLEROSUS appearance, inflammation, and PRURITUS.[]

  • Vaginal Candidiasis

    Presentation [ 1 ] Symptoms Pruritus vulvae. Vulval soreness. White, 'cheesy' discharge. The discharge is non-offensive.[] vulvae; 15 therefore, to have a definitive diagnosis of VVC, cultural isolation and identification of Candida spp. are crucial.[] […] solely on patient history and genital examination is not possible because of the low specificity of symptoms and signs, since other causes mimic VVC, like leukorrhea and pruritus[]

  • Vaginitis

    vulvae ) and/or burning ( vulvodynia ).[] Ask an online dermatologist now Securely upload your symptoms and pictures using First Derm (Sponsored content) Related information On DermNet NZ Pruritus vulvae (itchy vulva[] Vulvitis can cause erythema, pruritus, and sometimes tenderness and discharge from the vulva.[]

  • Candida Albicans Vaginitis

    DD: Bacteriële vaginosis ( Gardnerella vaginalis ), trichomoniasis ( Trichomonas vaginalis ), Chlamydia , gonorroe , pruritus vulvae .[] Presentation [ 1 ] Symptoms Pruritus vulvae. Vulval soreness. White, 'cheesy' discharge. The discharge is non-offensive.[] Symptoms Asymptomatic in 20-50% of women Intense vaginal or Vulvar Pruritus (50% of cases) Vulva r Burning, soreness, or irritation Thick white curd-like or "cottage cheese[]

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