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40 Possible Causes for Psoriasiform Erythroderma

  • Erythroderma Desquamativum

    : 先天性红皮病 detail erythroderma desquamativum : 脱屑性红皮病 detail maculopapular erythroderma : 斑丘疹性红皮病 detail psoriasiform erythroderma : 银屑病样红皮病 detail erythroderma psoriaticum[] [医]前塞扎里红皮病 pre-Sezary erythroderma syndrome [医]前塞扎里红皮病综合征 psoriasiform erythroderma [医]银屑病样红皮病 psoriatic erythroderma [医]银屑病性红皮病 unilateral congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma[] Psoriasiform exfoliative erythroderma induced by golimumab. Clin Exp Dermatol. 2014 Aug 22. 39(7):813-15. [Medline]. Nishizawa A, Igawa K, Teraki H, Yokozeki H.[]

  • Exfoliative Dermatitis

    Psoriasiform exfoliative erythroderma induced by golimumab. Clin Exp Dermatol. 2014 Aug 22. 39(7):813-15. [Medline]. Nishizawa A, Igawa K, Teraki H, Yokozeki H.[] It should be noted that psoriasiform erythroderma has been induced by the tumor necrosis factor (TNF)–alpha inhibitor golimumab. [4] Sarcoidosis-associated erythroderma may[]

  • Acute Interstitial Pneumonitis

    Skin biopsy confirmed psoriasiform erythroderma with chronic dermatitis. HRCT done 4 weeks later showed complete resolution of the previous findings.[] In view of above clinical background, we considered the diagnosis of MTXP and psoriatic erythroderma. His hematological and biochemical investigations were normal.[]

  • Neonatal Inflammatory Skin and Bowel Disease

    The skin lesions involve perioral and perianal erythema, psoriasiform erythroderma, with flares of erythema, scaling, and widespread pustules.[]

  • Pemphigus Foliaceus

    This variant of PF should be entertained in both the clinical differential diagnosis of psoriasiform erythroderma and in the microscopic differential diagnosis of psoriasiform[]

  • Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau

    The substance of a plaque is composed of psoriasiform acanthosis, edema of the papillary dermis, and an infiltrate of lymphocytes.[] An erythroderma exhibits all the signs of a plaque of psoriasis, but less parakeratosis because of shedding constant of scales; the amount of parakeratosis still adherent[]

  • Calcinosis Circumscripta

    Generalized erythroderma, [27] oral lesions, nail dystrophy, scarring alopecia of the scalp (Figure 6), and a pruritic maculopapular eruption also have been reported.[] Other specific reaction patterns of sarcoidosis include ulcerative, psoriasiform (resembling psoriasis), [24] morpheaform (resembling morphea or localized scleroderma), [25[] * Ulcerative * Within scars * Generalized erythroderma * Oral lesions * Scarring alopecia of the scalp * Morpheaform * Verruciform * Pruritic maculopapular eruption * Nail[]

  • Cutaneous Pseudolymphoma

    […] biopsies of patch-stage MF are characterized by a psoriasiform and lichenoid infiltrate of lymphocytes with epidermotropism, cytologic atypia, and superficial dermal fibrosis[] Progression of disease is characterized by development of plaques, tumors, erythroderma, blood, and/or visceral involvement. [17], [18], [19], [20] Histopathologically, diagnostic[] […] dermatitis, spongiotic dermatitis, lichenoid dermatitis, and persistent pigmented purpuric dermatitis (PPPD) [Table 1] and [Figure 1], [Figure 2]. [3], [8], [9] In a patient with erythroderma[]

  • Pemphigus Vulgaris

    Histologically, PRP is characterized by psoriasiform acanthosis with alternating orthokeratosis and parakeratosis and rarely small acantholytic foci.[] In this article, we report a patient who presented with diffuse erythroderma and extensive acantholysis mimicking pemphigus vulgaris histologically.[]

  • Dermatomyositis

    Slight generalized erythroderma, periorbital oedema with heliotrope rash (Figure 1), psoriasiform changes of the scalp (Figure 2) and Gottron papules were evident upon close[] However, the rash progressed within the next few months to erythroderma with scaling.[] Presumed to be a psoriasiform drug eruption, imatinib mesylate was discontinued and the patient was treated with prednisone and topical steroid therapy.[]

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