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90 Possible Causes for Psychological Stress, Thrust Tongue

  • Phobia

    Daytime Prazosin Reduces Psychological Distress to Trauma Specific Cues in Civilian Trauma Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Biol Psychiatry. Feb 3 2006. 10.[] If the gagging is made worse by a tendency to swallow tensely with pursed lips, clenched teeth and the tongue thrust forward against them, they can be taught to swallow with[] […] the teeth slightly apart and the tongue relaxed on the floor of mouth.[]

  • Narcolepsy

    Things that have been suggested as possible triggers of narcolepsy include: hormonal changes, which can occur during puberty or the menopause major psychological stress an[] The brain MRI was normal. 24h video-EEG monitoring revealed no abnormal slow or epileptiform discharge on interictal EEG, and no EEG change during tongue thrusting, dropping[] stress may also play a role.[1] Diagnosis is typically based on the symptoms and sleep studies, after ruling out other potential causes.[1] Excessive daytime sleepiness can[]

  • Bruxism

    A burning sensation on the tongue (see: glossodynia),[10] possibly related to a coexistent "tongue thrusting" parafunctional activity.[] Bruxism is found in those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, further suggesting that psychological factors may be involved.[] While its exact cause is unknown, most experts believe that bruxism can occur as a response to increased psychological stress.[]

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

    This overuse in turn is often associated with psychological stress and clenching or grinding of the teeth ( bruxism ). Injury.[] Often with a misaligned jaw the lower jaw thrusts forward or sidewise with “s” sounds (not ideal). (3) Have the patient open wide and close on a tongue blade (stick).[] The real cause of this syndrome is not known but it is believed that viral infections, psychological stress or a combination of factors may trigger it.[]

  • Aphthous Stomatitis

    psychological stress.[] Service: Braces Adult Orthodontics A collapsed bite or closed bite may cause malocclusion A tongue crib stops a tongue thrust habit in a child Active orthodontics removable[] stress are cited as predisposing factors.[]

  • Meige Syndrome

    Typical symptoms include involuntary blinking (blepharospasms), chin thrusting, tongue protrusion, squinting, light sensitivity and muddled speech.[] This can severely limit the patient's ability to preform activities of daily living and impart psychological stress.[] The dominant symptoms involve involuntary eye blinking and chin thrusting.[]

  • Angelman Syndrome

    Source: Physical findings include postnatal microcephaly , small flat occiput , a protruding thrusting tongue , prominent jaw , strabismus , and hypopigmentation of the skin[] Parents completed questionnaires on their perceived psychological stress, the severity of children's aberrant behaviour and children's sleep patterns.[] The syndrome has oral manifestations such as diastemas, tongue thrusting, sucking/swallowing disorder, mandibular prognathism, and wide mouth.[]

  • Lingual Papillitis

    Five cases were associated with mouth breathing or a tongue-thrust habit; 4 were associated with geographic tongue or fissured tongue. Four papules were biopsied.[] stress. [9] Geographic tongue is inversely associated with smoking and tobacco use. [12] Sometimes geographic tongue is said to run in families, [2] and it is reported to[] […] flap 14 Medicine criba lingual tongue crib 15 Medicine deglución con proyección lingual tongue-thrust swallow 16 Medicine dolor lingual lingual pain 17 Medicine encía lingual[]

  • Late-onset Depression

    […] vulnerability, and late onset as a reaction to severe life stress. [13] Theories explaining the association between depression and vascular disease are increased platelet[] […] of the pelvis (duck-like gait) Jaw swinging Repetitive chewing Rapid eye blinking Tongue thrusting Restlessness When TD is diagnosed, the health care provider will either[] Better social support and housing among 'minority ethnic' elders who live alone might be expected to alleviate social stress and improve mental health and psychological well-being[]

  • Adenoid Hypertrophy

    There was a significant difference between the study and the control groups in terms of urge to urinate, bladder emptying, bowel symptoms and psychological stress.[] Tongue-thrust, and stability of overjet correction. Angle Orthod. 1987;57(2):121-35.[]

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