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81 Possible Causes for Pulmonary Infiltrate, Reticulonodular Pattern

  • Lymphocytic Interstitial Pneumonia

    Eight children of 12 had a reticulonodular pattern on chest radiographs. Two children had normal chest films and two children showed peribronchiolar thickening.[] The patient was an African immigrant living in Japan who presented with chronic dyspnea and diffuse bilateral pulmonary infiltrates.[] It is characterized clinically by the presence of cough and dyspnea, diffuse pulmonary infiltrates on chest x-ray, restrictive pulmonary dysfunction, and hypoxemia.[]

  • Pulmonary Histiocytosis X

    Página 54 - Ward HN: Pulmonary infiltrates associated with leukoagglutinin transfusion reactions. Ann Intern Med 73:689-694. 1970. 234. Thompson JSA.[] Diagnosis was suspected when a reticulonodular pattern was detected by conventional X-ray or by computerized tomography of the lungs.[] Imaging: His CXR shows a bilateral, predominantly mid- and upper-zone reticulonodular pattern with some small cystic areas in the upper lobes.[]

  • Diffuse Pulmonary Lymphangiomatosis

    In this article, we mainly focus on diffuse infiltration patterns, such as ground glass and reticulonodular infiltrations as described in high-resolution computed tomography[] The CT scans were analyzed for type of pulmonary infiltrative process and its distribution, presence or absence of pleural fluid or thickening, and presence or absence of[] Diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis (DPL) is a rare disease characterized by infiltration of the lung, pleura and mediastinum with thin-walled lymphangiomas.[]

  • Maple Bark Strippers' Lung

    infiltrations and granulomas. lycoperdonosis org: lycoperdon, calvatia sx: inhalation of spores. cough and pneumonitis malt-workers dz org: aspergillus on moldy barley sx[] […] org: penicillium casei allergic rxn to cheese casings - skin rash and resp problems farmers lung org: aspergillus, penicillium sx: inhalation of hay. fibrotic deposits and lung[]

  • Lipid Pneumonia

    Two years after discontinuing ⿿baby body oil therapy⿿, a chest CT scan revealed partial regression of pulmonary infiltration.[] pattern CT characteristically show low attenuation within the consolidated areas of -100HU reflecting a fat content (at times the attenuation value may be less i.e. around[] Other methods used for the diagnosis of lipoid pneumonia include: X-ray Consolidation Irregular mass (lesion/reticulonodular pattern) Chest HRCT/contrast CT Low attenuation[]

  • Chronic Eosinophilic Pneumonia

    We describe a patient with CEP who presented with right upper lung infiltrates with evidence of cavitation.[] Chest radiograph and computed tomography on admission showed reticulonodular pattern at both lung fields.[] The chest X-ray may be normal, but more typically it shows a diffuse, reticulonodular pattern with basilar prominence.[]

  • Pulmonary Lymphoma

    […] examination and not treated for 5 yr after detection of a pulmonary infiltrate.[] pattern contiguous with mediastinum from direct extension from mediastinal nodes along lymphatics Nodular parenchymal lesions Miliary nodules Endobronchial involvement Lobar[] : 1) “Bronchovascular-Lymphangitic” Pattern: presents as diffuse reticulonodular infiltrates 2) “Alveolar” Pattern: may be segmental or lobar, resembles pneumonia 3) “Nodular[]

  • Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

    Chest Xray revealed bilateral pulmonary infiltrates; computed tomography showed patchy ground-glass opacification with interlobular thickening.[] pattern, small nodules mimicking miliary disease, and a coalescence of various sized acinar nodules have been described. 39 Figure 2 (A) Thin section CT scan through the[] Work up • IMAGING: CXR – bilateral perihilar infiltrates with consolidation bat wing (apices,cp angle sparing) reticulonodular shadows HRCT – CRAZY PAVING PATTERN (patchy[]

  • Rheumatoid Lung Disease

    pattern volume loss in advanced disease skeletal changes, e.g. erosion of clavicles, glenohumeral erosive arthropathy, superior rib notching Chest CT or HRCT features include[] Página 54 - Ward HN: Pulmonary infiltrates associated with leukoagglutinin transfusion reactions. Ann Intern Med 73:689-694. 1970. 234. Thompson JSA.[] pattern volume loss in advanced disease skeletal changes , e.g. erosion of clavicles , glenohumeral erosive arthropathy, superior rib notching CT Chest CT or HRCT features[]

  • Lingular Pneumonia

    Stover DE, Zaman MB, Hajdu SI, Lange M, Gold J, Armstrong D (1984) Bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of diffuse pulmonary infiltrates in the immunocompromised host.[] If the Interstitium is predominantly involved, it may appear as a reticulonodular pattern. Air bronchograms would confirm an alveolar process.[] Figure 1 Posteroanterior chest radiogram of a woman with Lady Windermere syndrome that shows a right middle lung infiltrate and a small right pleural effusion.[]

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