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2,322 Possible Causes for Pyorrhea

  • Periodontitis

    [pyo- G. rhoia, a flow] pyorrhea /py·or·rhea/ ( -re ah ) a copious discharge of pus.pyorrhe al pyorrhea alveola ris compound periodontitis. pyorrhea (pī′ə-rē′ə) n. 1.[] Learn about this topic in these articles: dentistry In dentistry: Periodontics disease is periodontitis, commonly called pyorrhea, an inflammatory condition usually produced[] The husband had suffered from a case of severe periodontitis (sick, bleeding, infected gums that had come away from the teeth) with pyorrhea (pus coming out of the gum).[]

  • Gingivitis

    This is a sign of a weak periodontal ligament . My teeth are now strong, and my gums are much healthier. The body will heal itself given the right types of foods .[] Periodontal disease ranges from gingival inflammation (gingivitis) to the inflammation and loss of tooth-supporting tissues (periodontitis).[] It is not known if and when gingivitis transforms into periodontitis.[]

  • Aspiration Pneumonia

    This paper presents data from the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) describing the prevalence of dental caries and periodontal diseases in[] Periodontal diseases play an evident role in the etiology of aspiration pneumonia due to their effect to alter the oral bacterial flora.[] Abstract The primary problems that predispose to aspiration pneumonia include a reduced level of consciousness, dysphagia, periodontal disease, and mechanical interference[]

  • Pyorrhea

    Find a dentist in your area if you suspect you have pyorrhea or periodontitis.[] An advanced case of pyorrhea P yorrhea, or periodontitis, is an advanced stage of periodontal disease in which the ligaments and bones that support the teeth become inflamed[] Retrieved January 23rd, 2019, from Noun ( countable and uncountable , plural pyorrheas) An inflammation of the gums in which the teeth become loose ; chronic periodontitis[]

  • Chronic Periodontitis

    March 06, 2018 References Periodontitis (pyorrhea). Merck Manual Professional Version. . Accessed Nov. 10, 2016.[] (Pyorrhea) By James T.[] […] chronic periodontitis.[]

  • Halitosis

    […] associate oral malodor with periodontitis.[] […] with advanced chronic periodontitis.[] periodontal therapy.[]

  • Papillon Lefevre Disease

    The resultant loss of CTSC function is responsible for the severe periodontal destruction seen clinically.[] Upon initial presentation, a full periodontal examination was completed.[] Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by palmoplantar hyperkeratosis and early development of aggressive periodontal infection.[]

  • Juvenile Periodontitis

    What is Pyorrhea The old fashioned word pyorrhea means "pus flow". The characteristic pus formation follows the bone infection. Bone destruction follows.[] March 06, 2018 References Periodontitis (pyorrhea). Merck Manual Professional Version. . Accessed Nov. 10, 2016.[] Rapidly Advancing Periodontitis and Juvenile Periodontitis characteristically begin at a younger age.[]

  • Dental Abscess

    Periodontal abscess: begins in a periodontal pocket (see: periodontal abscess) Gingival abscess: involving only the gum tissue, without affecting either the tooth or the periodontal[] An accumulation of pus in periodontal tissues is referred to as a periodontal abscess. This type of DA is less common.[] A periodontal abscess occurs where pre-existing periodontitis is present.[]

  • Congenital Neutropenia

    […] role of ELANE mutations in the pathogenesis of periodontitis.[] One bone marrow-transplanted patient had no periodontal disease.[] It is well known that severe neutropenia affects periodontal status.[]

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