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4,823 Possible Causes for Pyramidal Syndrome, Small Testicular Volume, X-Ray Abnormal

  • Polyendocrine - Polyneuropathy Syndrome

    […] hypogonadism, incomplete puberty, progressive non-autoimmune insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, peripheral demyelinating sensorimotor polyneuropathy, and cerebellar and pyramidal[] testicular volume SKIN, NAILS, HAIR: [Hair]; Partial frontal alopecia NEUROLOGIC: [Central nervous system]; Mental retardation, moderate; Dysarthria; Dystonia; Ataxia; Pyramidal[] The CT-Scan was normal and the chest X-ray showed no mediastinal abnormality, however, chest computed tomography (CT) showed a soft tissue mass in the thymus, he develop profound[]

  • Acute Renal Failure

    A cerebral MRI found non-specific demyelinating lesions in pale nuclei and the pyramidal tract that were not compatible with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.[] A diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to produce horizontal, or axial, images (often called slices) of the body.[] This procedure involves the removal of tissue samples (with a needle or during surgery) from the body for examination under a microscope; to determine if cancer or other abnormal[]

    Missing: Small Testicular Volume
  • Renal Pelvic Calculus

    The calcific pyramids are well displayed showing typical changes of nephrocalcinosis on 3D ultrasound. References: Sjogrens syndrome and nephrocalcinosis[] Both kidneys reveal multiple areas of increased echogenicity involving all the renal pyramids. The renal cortex is normal, and no evidence of hydronephrosis is present.[] This middle aged lady is a known case of Sjogrens syndrome.[]

    Missing: Small Testicular Volume
  • Sarcoidosis

    Computed tomography detected a nodule in the middle lobe of the right lung, multiple small volume nodes in the retrocaval and left para-aortic regions, and enlarged bilateral[] This sample can help doctors understand what’s causing your symptoms and abnormal x-ray results.[] Although more than 90% of people with sarcoidosis will have abnormal x-rays, many other conditions can cause abnormal x-rays too.[]

    Missing: Pyramidal Syndrome
  • Pallidopyramidal Syndrome

    Homepage Rare diseases Search Search for a rare disease Parkinsonian-pyramidal syndrome Disease definition Parkinsonian-pyramidal syndrome is a rare, genetic, neurological[] ECG and chest X-rays were normal in all.[] […] parkinsonian-pyramidal syndrome since the first description by Davison in 1954.[]

    Missing: Small Testicular Volume
  • Nephrocalcinosis

    […] or hypothyroidism 5 other pathological hypercalcemic or hypercalciuric states Cushing syndrome multiple myeloma Bartter syndrome bone metastases pyramids hyperuricemia infection[] Presentation can range from incidental detection on abdominal X-rays or ultrasounds performed for another reason, to life-threatening.[] Nephrocalcinosis occurs in approximately 75% of these patients and commonly appears as dense clusters of calcifications in the medullary pyramids.[]

    Missing: Small Testicular Volume
  • Solitary Renal Cyst

    […] renal medullary cystic diseases medullary sponge kidney medullary cystic disease (familial juvenile nephronophtisis complex) renal cysts associated with malformative syndromes[] Chest CT scan should be obtained selectively, primarily for patients with pulmonary symptoms or abnormal chest x-ray, or for patients with high-risk disease. 47, 48 Bone scans[] […] diverticula renal cystic diseases renal cysts in multicystic renal dysplasia renal cysts in polycystic kidney diseases (PKD) glomerulocystic disease cystic dilatation of renal pyramids[]

    Missing: Small Testicular Volume
  • Respiratory Muscle Paralysis

    In its classic form the syndrome consists of external ophthalmoplegia, cerebellar ataxia, weakened reflexes with preserved consciousness and lack of damage to the pyramidal[] CT scans of some patients with this syndrome have shown structural damage to the brainstem in the form of decreased density; would show up this way whether the CT scan was[] […] the initial stage of the disease the clinical features characteristic of the MFS may be observed, which is a special type of polyradicular and polyneural Guillaine-Barre syndrome[]

    Missing: Small Testicular Volume
  • Polymer Fume Fever

    ” purple rain PURPLE syndrome purple top tube purple urine bag “syndrome” put out putty kidney Puumala virus Pygmalion complex pygmy pyloric olive pyramid pyramid diet pyramid[] Purple Book purple coneflower purple glove syndrome purple gloves purple grape purple haze purple hearts purple metals and chemicals purple passionflower purple people “syndrome[]

    Missing: Small Testicular Volume
  • Gastric Volvulus

    Lung retraction is proportional to the severity of the eventration and particularly affects the basal pyramid.[] Her chest and abdominal x-ray indicated an abnormal air-fluid level at right hemithorax, which prompted a Computed Tomography (CT) scan, showing organo-axial gastric volvulus[] Her routine chest and abdomen x-ray studies suggested abnormal air-fluid level at right hemithorax, which prompted a computed tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen and an upper[]

    Missing: Small Testicular Volume

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