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412 Possible Causes for Quadriceps Muscle Weakness

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee

    In conclusion, the use of NMES for quadriceps muscle weakness has been shown to improve muscle strength.[] Pain in the knee joint can lead to wasting and weakness of the Quadriceps (thigh) muscles.[] Weakness and loss of neuromuscular control of the quadriceps, as well as other muscles around the knee and the hip, is thought to be a precursor to the degenerative process[]

  • Steroid Myopathy

    weakness Pelvic girdle shoulder girdle muscles Arthralgias Inclusion body myositis Men Peak incidence: 50 yr Asymmetrical quadriceps muscle weakness and finger flexor muscle[] […] with weakness in the finger flexors and quadriceps.[] Table 1 gives the distribution patterns of specific muscle disorders.[]

  • Femoral Neuropathy

    Admitted to the rehabilitation service 6 weeks after the fall, the patient was found to have a previously undiagnosed profound quadriceps muscle weakness.[] muscles.[] Signs [ 12 ] These may include: Quadriceps muscle weakness and wasting. Loss of knee jerk.[]

  • Torn Meniscus

    Some of these factors include: muscle weakness (particularly of the quadriceps, hamstrings or gluteals) muscle tightness (particularly of the quadriceps, hamstrings or calf[]

  • Arthritis of the Knee

    Conservative Management Strengthening of the quadriceps muscle of the quadriceps muscle group can be beneficial, especially in patients with maltracking and weakness of these[] Problems associated with patellectomy include loss of normal knee power and function, quadriceps weakness, and failure to resolve anterior knee pain.[] Cybex measurements after patellectomy demonstrate significant decreases in the peak torque of the quadriceps muscles, with preservation of normal hamstring function. [35][]

  • Danon Disease

    The purpose of this investigation was to quantify functional performance, muscle weakness, and quadriceps activation in individuals with Danon disease as compared with healthy[] Affected males and females had decreased functional performance, significant generalized muscle weakness, and decreased quadriceps strength and activation when compared with[]

  • Graves Disease

    Although Graves' disease and systemic sclerosis are both autoimmune disorders, their relationship is rarely reported. We present the case of a Filipino woman with goitre and thyrotoxic signs and symptoms. Diagnosed with Graves' disease at the outpatient clinic, she took antithyroid medications and underwent[…][]

  • Hyperthyroidism

    Few studies on hyperthyroidism treatment have been reported in the past 3 decades. We used a nationwide population-based database to evaluate the current practices and management of hyperthyroidism in Taiwan. This retrospective study included a random selection of 1 million people in Taiwan between 2004 and 2010.[…][]

  • Sarcotubular Myopathy

    muscle weakness.[] […] of face muscles Abnormality of limbs Calf muscle pseudohypertrophy Quadriceps muscle weakness Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis CREATINE PHOSPHOKINASE INCREASED Abnormality[] In fact, the sparing of the quadriceps is so striking in the face of extreme weakness of some other groups of muscles that the disease also bore the name of quadriceps sparing[]

  • Joint Effusion

    As well as being a direct cause of quadriceps muscle weakness, AMI may prevent effective muscle strengthening [ 8 ],[ 9 ], leading to long-term quadriceps muscle atrophy and[] Marked weakness of the quadriceps muscles is typically observed following injury, surgery or pathology affecting the knee joint.[] .; licensee BioMed Central. 2014 Received: 23 August 2014 Accepted: 3 December 2014 Published: 10 December 2014 Abstract Introduction Marked weakness of the quadriceps muscles[]

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