118 Possible Causes for Quadriparesis in USA

    • Achondroplasia

      These two conditions may cause respiratory insufficiency, apnea, cyanotic episodes, feeding problems, quadriparesis, and sudden death. … Complications associated with achondroplasia include: Neurologic complications due to cervicomedullary compression: quadriparesis, paresthesia, paraparesis, incontinence, … Hydrocephalus, a narrow foramen magnum, spinal deformity, and spinal canal stenosis can cause neurological problems (eg, progressive quadriparesis, pain, ataxia, incontinence[1] [2]

    • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
    • Spinal Cord Concussion
      Quadriplegia and Quadriparesis

      There were two patients with features of cervicomedullary involvement (nystagmus, quadriparesis with predominant weakness of upper limbs). … The classical findings of quadriparesis with upper limbs affected more than the lower limbs may not always be seen. [17] There may be dysaesthesiae over the trunk and limbs[3]

    • Cervical Myelopathy
      Quadriplegia and Quadriparesis
    • Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
      Quadriplegia and Quadriparesis

      Spinal Cord Injury with Transient Quadriplegia or Quadriparesis Much more serious neck injury can result in quadriplegia or quadriparesis. … Quadriparesis describes an episode of numbness or tingling, with possible motor change ranging from weakness (quadriparesis) to paralysis (quadriplegia) of all four extremities … Quadriplegia or quadriparesis are caused by an acute episode of forced hyperextension, hyperflexion, or excessive loading of the cervical spine.[4]

    • Quadriplegia
      Quadriplegia and Quadriparesis

      […] of stroke Quadriparesis or quadriplegia, late effect of stroke Quadriplegia Quadriplegia and quadraparesis Quadriplegia and quadriparesis Quadriplegia w neurogenic bladder … Approximate Synonyms Neurogenic bladder due to quadriplegia Paralytic syndrome of all four limbs as sequela of stroke Quadriparesis Quadriparesis or quadriplegia as late effect … Home 2017 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes Diseases of the nervous system G00-G99 Cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes G80-G83 Paraplegia (paraparesis) and quadriplegia (quadriparesis[5]

    • Cervical Spine Fracture
      Quadriplegia and Quadriparesis

      […] clinically silent, bilateral or dominant vertebral artery injury can lead to ischemic damage to the brainstem and cerebellum, while delayed cortical blindness and recurrent quadriparesis … He had immediate quadriparesis after the event with no loss of consciousness.[6] [7]

    • Central Pontine Myelinolysis
      Quadriplegia and Quadriparesis

      ., difficulty swallowing or speaking), paraparesis, quadriparesis, confusion, psychiatric symptoms (e.g., delirium or hallucinations), "locked-in syndrome," in which there … When pontine involvement is prominent, clinical features consist of: spastic quadriparesis pseudobulbar palsy changes in levels of consciousness coma death Although the exact … Permanent disabilities range from minor tremors and ataxia to signs of severe brain damage, such as spastic quadriparesis and locked-in syndrome.[8] [9] [10]

    • Locked-in Syndrome
      Quadriplegia and Quadriparesis

      He had a complete flaccid quadriparesis. … Meienberg O, Mumenthaler M, Karbowski K 1979 Quadriparesis and nuclear oculomotor palsy with total bilateral ptosis mimicking coma.[11] [12]

    • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis
      Quadriplegia and Quadriparesis

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