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231 Possible Causes for Quadriparesis, Spastic Quadriplegia

  • Central Pontine Myelinolysis

    quadriplegia such as limb weakness, increased tonicity of the limb muscles, and hyperreflexia).[] It usually manifests with neurologic signs such as impaired consciousness, ataxia, spastic quadriparesis, pseudobulbar signs, and the locked-in syndrome which is related to[] Postoperatively, the patient developed diabetes insipidus with remarkable fluctuation of serum sodium level, suffered a seizure, and developed mental state changes and quadriparesis[]

  • Platybasia

    Spastic quadriplegia can result from platybasia.[] Patients may be asymptomatic or complain of headaches, neck pain, cough, trigeminal neuralgia, limb weakness, altered muscle reflexes, quadriparesis, nystagmus, and ataxia[] […] and Menezes series in persons with osteogenesis imperfecta (1997), symptoms and signs included headache (76%), lower cranial nerve dysfunction (68%), hyperreflexia (56%), quadriparesis[]

  • Biotin-Responsive Basal Ganglia Disease

    On follow up, four patients died, two had spastic quadriplegia, six had normal outcome and the rest had speech and motor dysfunctions.[] […] disorder with childhood onset that presents as a subacute encephalopathy, with confusion, dysarthria, and dysphagia, and that progresses to severe cogwheel rigidity, dystonia, quadriparesis[] […] confusion, dysarthria and dysphagia with occasional supranuclear facial nerve palsy or external ophthalmoplegia, and progresses to severe cogwheel rigidity, dystonia and quadriparesis[]

  • Baclofen

    We report a case of a 12-year-old girl with spastic quadriplegia who gained 20 lbs after pump implantation.[] We report a case of safe and efficacious use in a patient with spastic quadriparesis on chronic intrathecal baclofen.[] A 41-year-old man presented with postcervical traumatic complete quadriparesis under intrathecal baclofen therapy (ITB) for refractory spasticity.[]

  • Glutaric Aciduria

    The sixth symptomatic patient, now a teenager, is moderately mentally retarded and has spastic quadriplegia.[] She presented with rhabdomyolysis and severe quadriparesis. We identified a novel homozygous missense mutation in ETFDH (c.1544G T, p.Ser515Ile).[]

  • Alexander Disease

    The second MRI was performed at 4 years of age after his spastic quadriplegia began to slowly progress.[] Quadriparesis means that all four limbs are involved.[] The symptoms associated with this form are: Progressive psychomotor retardation Seizures Spastic quadriparesis Ataxia Vomiting Juvenile Alexander Disease Age of onset: 2-12[]

  • Familial Infantile Bilateral Striatal Necrosis

    Neurological exam noted a severe mental retardation, microcephaly and spastic quadriplegia.[] Prognosis is usually poor with spastic quadriparesis and early morbidity.[] Prognosis Prognosis for the familial form is usually poor with patients progressing to spastic quadriparesis followed by death, usually due to infection.[]

  • Propionic Acidemia

    Both patients had spastic quadriplegia and choreoathetosis.[] Two patients whose prominent features were hypotonia followed by spastic quadriparesis and choreoathetosis. Both had seizures.[] The patients demonstrate progressive ataxia, spastic quadriplegia, and relatively preserved mental capacities.[]

  • Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease

    We here present a Korean boy with spastic quadriplegia, horizontal nystagmus, saccadic gaze, intentional tremor, head titubation, ataxia, and developmental delay.[] […] form is the most severe form presenting, since birth, with hypotonia, nystagmus, respiratory distress, and stridor, with subsequent motor and cognitive delay and spastic quadriparesis[] […] provides the clinical, genetic and pathological basis for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD): an X-linked disorder of myelin classically characterized by nystagmus, spastic quadriparesis[]

  • Quadriplegia

    Spastic quadriplegia , also known as spastic tetraplegia , is a subset of spastic cerebral palsy that affects all four limbs (both arms and legs).[] Quadriparesis or quadriplegia as late effect of stroke (disorder) Quadriparesis or quadriplegia, late effect of stroke Quadriplegia Quadriplegia and quadraparesis Quadriplegia[] ) Approximate Synonyms Neurogenic bladder due to quadriplegia Paralytic syndrome of all four limbs as sequela of stroke Quadriparesis Quadriparesis or quadriplegia, late effect[]

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