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158 Possible Causes for Radiculopathy, Spinal Cord Compression, Tremor

  • Multiple Myeloma

    The most frequently reported adverse events were neutropenia, muscle cramps, constipation, nausea, tremor, and dizziness. Table 3 lists all grade 3 or 4 adverse events.[] Neurologic processes Skeletal destruction and nerve compression can cause spinal cord compression and/or radiculopathy.[] DADS neuropathy is characterized by predominant distal sensory impairment, ataxia and often tremor, but little or no weakness and has a close association with IgM kappa monoclonal[]

  • Poliomyelitis

    "In addition to symptoms of nonparalytic poliomyelitis, tremors and muscle weakness appear....[] […] neuropathy, or spinal cord lesion and medical causes of neuropathy such as diabetes, thyroid disease, uremia, alcohol, toxins, and, uncommonly, hereditary neuromuscular disease[] CASE REPORT: We report the rapid loss of only lower extremity TCMEPs bilaterally during a C6-C7, C7-T1 ACDF in a 67-year-old female to treat left-sided C7-C8 radiculopathy[]

  • Cervical Myelopathy

    OBJECTIVE: A rare case of retroodontoid pseudotumor caused by the combination of atlantoaxial rotatory fixation and senile tremor is reported.[] Myelopathy occurs when the spinal cord is compressed. Spinal cord compression can cause neurologic symptoms—such as pain, numbness, or difficulty walking.[] radiculopathy.[]

  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

    […] tegmentum, PCA Parinaud's syndrome dorsal, tumor Nothnagel's syndrome Claude's syndrome Other Alternating hemiplegia Cerebellum lateral ( Dysmetria Dysdiadochokinesia Intention tremor[] spinal cord compression) is where a cancer or metastasis presses on and subsequently compresses the spinal cord.[] We present the case of a 29-year-old woman, with a history of lumbar radiculopathy, who presented at 39 weeks gestation with severe lower back and bilateral lower limb radiculopathy[]

  • Meningitis

    In more severe cases, confusion and disorientation, tremors, convulsions (especially in the very young), and coma may occur.[] 主要主题词: Immunoglobulin G; Meningitis; Sclerosis; Spinal Cord Compression 摘要 PURPOSE :To report a case of cervicothoracic spinal cord compression caused by IgG4-related sclerosing[] The authors describe 2 cases in which the patients presented with spinal compression resulting in myeloradiculopathy (Case 1) and radiculopathy (Case 2).[]

  • Alcohol Hallucinosis

    Physical examination was within normal limits except for fine digital tremors.[] Degenerative disc disease results in mechanical compression on either the spinal cord or a nerve root .[] L5 Radiculopathy (less commonly L4)- this is most often caused by a disc herniation at the L4-5 interspace; weakness affecting the peroneus, toe extensors, possibly the tibialis[]

  • Hereditary Areflexic Dystasia

    […] and ataxia in this disorder remains insufficiently understood. [2] Neuropathic tremor (NT) is often defined as “essential tremor (ET)-like.”[] Cord Compression Randomized Trial Terminated NCT00220675 Phase 2, Phase 3 Erythropoietin infusion 35 NeuroPath Comparative Validation Study Plan Terminated NCT00393549 Phase[] Hypertrophic radiculopathy is a rare feature of neuropathies.[]

  • Monomelic Amyotrophy

    Tremor on finger extension was noted in 77.6% of patients and cold paresis in 81.3%. The clinical course plateaued within five years in 89.1% of patients.[] The condition predominantly affects Asian males and is thought to be secondary to spinal cord compression during neck flexion, because of a forward displacement of the posterior[] […] evident in conjunction with symptoms in greater than 90% of cases, leading to a spine specialist referral. 1 EMG often shows evidence of asymmetric abnormalities typical of a radiculopathy[]

  • Paraparesis

    Clinical description Some relatives presented with tremor, cataracts, sensory deficits, short stature, hypogonadism, elevated cerebrospinal fluid protein, and/or absent or[] Magnetic resonance imaging revealed spinal cord compression due to a herniated intervertebral disk at T5-T6.[] Abstract We report a case of a 48-year-old man with chronic back pain attributed to discogenic lumbar radiculopathy who underwent a fluoroscopy-guided L2-3 interlaminar epidural[]

  • Spinal Pachymeningitis

    […] decompensated heart disease, blood diseases (malignant anemia, leukemia), bloody diates, chronic increased intracranial pressure (brain tumor, hydrocephaly) and acute (cough tremors[] Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed spinal cord compression by a thickened dura ventral to the cord from C3 to C7.[] The authors describe 2 cases in which the patients presented with spinal compression resulting in myeloradiculopathy (Case 1) and radiculopathy (Case 2).[]

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