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1,777 Possible Causes for radionuclides

  • Influenza

    The resulting compounds can be bound to radionuclided and are used with a number of radioisotopes in cancer therapy and diagnosis Immunology Standards & Controls Immunology[]

  • Appendicitis

    When the medical history and presentations isn’t enough to form a definitive diagnosis other approaches that can be considered include: Gross and Microscopic Evaluation Radionuclide[] Technetium-99m radionuclide scan of the abdomen shows focal uptake of labeled WBCs in the right lower quadrant consistent with acute appendicitis.[] Kidneys-ureters-bladder radiographs: Insensitive, nonspecific, and not cost-effective Barium enema study: Has essentially no role in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis Radionuclide[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Comparison of direct radionuclide cystography and voiding cystourethrography in detecting vesicoureteral reflux.[]

  • Myocardial Contusion

    Recently, radionuclide angiography was found to be a sensitive indicator of myocardial dysfunction.[] Surgical or autopsy evidence of traumatic myocardial injury was obtained in five instances when radionuclide angiography indicated contusion.[] Serum myocardial enzymes and radionuclide studies are nonspecific and are not predictive of cardiac complications.[]

  • Osteitis Deformans

    We have briefly outlined current concepts, and provided an example of the role radionuclide imaging can play in delineating the skeletal areas involved in this disease.[] Radionuclide bone scans can show the extent of the disease [ 9 ] . Bone biopsy may be needed if malignant change is suspected.[] Many patients are asymptomatic, and thus the bony abnormalities are detected by X-rays or by radionuclide bone scans that are done for other purposes.[]

  • Reiter's Syndrome

    Other imaging modalities such as computed tomography (CT), radionuclide imaging, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and ultrasonography are also utilized and play specific roles[]

  • Solitary Fibrous Tumor

    , the place of targeted radionuclide therapies deserves to be explored in this group of tumors.[] Regarding the excellent results obtained and the potential interest of peptide receptor radionuclide therapy suggested by overexpression of somatostatin receptors in our patient[]

  • Childhood Hodgkin's Disease

    […] thyroid gland of survivors of Hodgkin's disease who had received radiotherapy to the neck in childhood. (2) To compare the sonographic findings with clinical examination and radionuclide[]

  • Tobacco

    Nearby non-smokers inhale the radionuclides as well. Where do the radionuclides in tobacco come from?[] The sticky underside of tobacco leaves hold radionuclides that come from fertilizer.[] Cigarette smokers inhale radionuclides that build up over time in the lungs and other parts of the body.[]

  • Carotid Body Paraganglioma

    […] paraganglioma with nodal and T7 vertebral metastases in a 30-year-old man 6 years postsurgery detected with Ga DOTANOC PET/CT and was administered with peptide receptor radionuclide[]

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