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104 Possible Causes for Rectal Foreign Body, Tight Anal Sphincter

  • Rectal Pain

    Hemorrhoids or rectal foreign body.[] They occur due to excessive stretching of the anus and common in individuals with tight anal sphincter tone (the muscle responsible for controlling opening of the anus).[] […] or foreign bodies located in the rectum.[]

  • Rectal Foreign Body

    The impacted rectal foreign body often poses a management challenge.[] Rectal foreign bodies are a subgroup of foreign bodies in the alimentary tract.[] Retained rectal foreign body in a 50-year-old man. Intussuscepted small intestine and sigmoid colon through the retained foreign body.[]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Rectal Stenosis

    This is the first case report of rectal stenosis caused by foreign body reaction to SPS crystals after ischemic colitis.[] Digital rectal examination revealed tight anal stenosis and a spastic anal sphincter that did not relax in response to the digital examination.[] The rectal lumen was narrowed with a thickened rectal wall.[]

  • Rectal Prolapse

    Less common causes of may include: Cancer Infection Inflammatory bowel disease Rectal prolapse Foreign bodies in the rectum.[] There is weakening of the ligaments that support the rectum inside the pelvis combined with a loss of tightness in the anal sphincter muscle.[] […] of the anal sphincter muscle.[]

  • Anal Disorder

    […] and anal pain include: Cancer Infection, including anorectal abscesses or proctitis Inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease Foreign bodies[] Tight or spastic anal sphincter muscles (muscles that control the closing of the anus), chronic poor bowel habits, anorectal scarring and decreased blood flow to the rectum[] If the sphincter muscle does not relax and the anal canal remains too tight, the fissure opens again with each bowel movement.[]

  • Anal Fissure

    Too much pressure, tight anal sphincter muscles, and poor blood supply to your anus may lead to their development and poor healing.[] Reasons for this can include: Constipation or passing large or hard stools Explosive or ongoing diarrhea Childbirth Less often, having anal sex or putting things into your[]

    Missing: Rectal Foreign Body
  • Anal Stenosis

    Rounding out this issue are approaches to the difficult situation of anorectal trauma including foreign body management, as well as two articles dedicated to the evaluation[] Digital rectal examination revealed tight anal stenosis and a spastic anal sphincter that did not relax in response to the digital examination.[] […] in the evaluation and current management of retrorectal tumors and anal neoplasms including the role of local excision and transanal endoscopic microsurgery for selected rectal[]

  • Pudendal Neuralgia

    Rectal or vaginal foreign body sensation (sympathalgia) has also been reported.[] sphincter tends to ‘over close’ That is, it tightens up more than it was tight before the bowel movement and sometimes appears to go into a kind of painful spasm Post bowel[] PN patients may also have difficulty with defecation and a feeling that a foreign object may be in the body.[]

  • Foreign Body

    Rectal foreign bodies are commonly encountered in the emergency department (ED).[] Rectal foreign bodies can be of wide variety and can lead to life-threatening conditions.[] Rectal Most rectal foreign bodies are inserted via the anus, although occasionally the foreign body has been ingested and has passed through to lie in the rectum.[]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter
  • Rectal Trauma

    foreign bodies" are not uncommon in the world of EMS.[] An unlimited PUBMED search for articles on bacteremia or endocarditis related to rectal foreign body insertion was unfruitful (We tried MeSH terms anal/rectal/colorectal/foreign[] Novel approach to rectal foreign body extraction. JSLS. 2013;17(2):342–345. Cleary RK, Pomerantz RA, Lampman RM.[]

    Missing: Tight Anal Sphincter

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