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438 Possible Causes for Rectal Perforation

  • Pharyngitis

    For infants and toddlers, be sure to use a rectal thermometer correctly. A rectal thermometer may accidentally poke a hole in (perforate) the rectum.[] If you don’t feel comfortable taking a rectal temperature, use another method.[]

  • Proctoscopy

    We report a series of three patients who experienced extraperitoneal rectal perforation secondary to retroflexion proctoscopy and discuss our success with conservative management[] Missed lesion LIST OF STRUCTURES Anal canal Rectum Sigmoid colon Peritoneal reflection Rectal valves (of Houston) Positioning of the Patient and Insertion of the Scope (Fig[] […] angulation at the peritoneal reflection will be encountered Do not pass the scope beyond this point unless it goes easily under direct vision HALLMARK ANATOMIC PROCEDURES Perforation[]

  • Rectal Trauma

    The perforation site on the lateral rectal wall was identified 10 cm above the dentate line.[] An emergent laparotomy revealed a mesosigmoid haematoma with a centimetric rectal perforation.[] Signs of external trauma may be minimal when rectal perforation exists, so delays in diagnosis are not uncommon.[]

  • Colonoscopy

    Evaluation of rectal and perirectal disease Hemorrhoid treatment Hemostasis of bleeding lesions Polyp resection (cold and hot biopsies, cold and hot snares) Radiofrequency[] […] of the intestinal wall (rare) Nausea, vomiting, bloating, or rectal irritation caused by the bowel cleanse prep and/or procedure Adverse reaction to the sedative or pain[] […] double balloon enteroscopy) Colonoscopy EUS Flexible sigmoidoscopy Treatment Options APC of vascular lesions Chromoendoscopy for surveillance of IBD Closure of leaks or early perforations[]

  • Rectal Biopsy

    Complications resulting from rectal biopsy are uncommon but perforation occurs more frequently with FOS than with rigid sigmoidoscopy.[] Potential risks of a rectal biopsy include: bleeding bowel perforation (tearing of the bowel) difficulty with urination These risks are very rare.[] The risks of bleeding, pain and perforation may be possible. It is also possible that some patients may have problems with urinary retention after rectal biopsy.[]

  • Retroperitoneal Abscess

    Rectal perforation and acute appendicitis Rectal perforation and necrosis represents an extremely rare event after retroperitoneal abscess formation.[] Subsequent necrosis of the underlying tissues produced a rectal perforation and retroperitoneal abscess, which necessitated emergency laparotomy and defunctioning colostomy[] Rectal perforation is frequently caused by pelvic fracture. Spontaneous pneumoretroperitoneum usually results from perforations of colonic diverticula or cancer [2] .[]

  • Coccygodynia

    Coccygectomy is an uncommon procedure that many surgeons are reluctant to perform due to its proximity to the anus and the risk of rectal perforation and infection.[]

  • Rectal Perforation

    The management of rectal perforations is controversial.[] The cone-shaped tip of the anvil, concomitant rectal prolapse and pelvic floor descent, and concomitant ascites are possible causes of rectal perforation after the procedure[] It has been described in the form of Fournier's gangrene following rectal perforations related to colorectal cancer.[]

  • Hemorrhoids

    Subsequent necrosis of the underlying tissues produced a rectal perforation and retroperitoneal abscess, which necessitated emergency laparotomy and defunctioning colostomy[]

  • Anal Stenosis

    On the other hand, waiting longer than 24 hours risks bowel perforation by over distention. It is rare to have rectal perforation with anal stenosis.[] We present a case of rectal perforation secondary to anal stenosis in an apparently normal looking anus.[] […] be monitored closely. key words: rectal perforation, congenital anal stenosis Introduction Gastrointestinal perforation in neonates continues to be a serious problem in paediatric[]

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