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526 Possible Causes for Recurrent Cellulitis

  • Leg Cellulitis

    We compared prophylactic low-dose penicillin with placebo for the prevention of recurrent cellulitis.[] (79%) or recurrent cellulitis (21%).[] The median time to a first recurrence of cellulitis was 626 days in the penicillin group and 532 days in the placebo group.[]

  • Cellulitis

    Recurrent cellulitis Recurrent cellulitis is a frequent complication of single‐episode cellulitis ( Cox 2006 ; Stoberl 1987 ).[] Randomised controlled trials evaluating any therapy for the prevention of recurrent cellulitis.[] Authors' conclusions: In terms of recurrence, incidence, and time to next episode, antibiotic is probably an effective preventive treatment for recurrent cellulitis of the[]

  • Erysipelas

    Postmastectomy edema and recurrent cellulitis. J. Amer. Med. Assoc. 247 (1982) 3359–3360. Google Scholar 3. Hable, K. A., Horstmeier, C., Wold, A., Washington, J. A.[] Our primary prespecified outcome was recurrence of cellulitis when on treatment and after treatment.[] Antibiotic prophylaxis for preventing recurrent cellulitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Infect 2014;69(1):26-34. «PMID: 24576824» PubMed[]

  • Periorbital Cellulitis

    We present a case of recurrent periorbital cellulitis in a child.[] Recurrent periorbital cellulitis is a rare complication of sinus disease.[] The patient completed a course of antibiotics and has not had recurrence of periorbital cellulitis since discharge.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    However, the patient did have a recurrence. With the second IOI episode, the patient noted, as previously, a preceding upper respiratory infection.[] After history, blood tests, radiologic testing, and ruling out other emergent etiologies, such as orbital cellulitis, the patient was placed on oral steroids.[]

  • Insect Bite

    The recurrent lesions simulated insect bites and cellulitis, but failed to respond to appropriate treatments.[]

  • Skin Infection

    Recurrent cellulitis or erysipelas may result in chronic lymphoedema which may, in turn, serve as a predisposing factor for recurrent infection.[] How to manage recurrent skin infections Recurrent cellulitis is extremely challenging.[] […] episodes of cellulitis or undergoing surgery, such as mastectomy with lymph node dissection, can compromise venous or lymphatic circulation and cause dermal fibrosis, lymphedema[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Recurrent cellulitis or erysipelas may result in chronic lymphoedema which may, in turn, serve as a predisposing factor for recurrent infection.[] […] group G streptococcal cellulitis: no evidence of protective immunity, Infect Immun, 1997 , vol. 65 (pg. 4926 - 30 ) 5 The dynamics of streptococcal infections in a defined[] The lesions are more superficial in erysipelas than in cellulitis and have a well-defined, raised margin.[]

  • Umbilical Cellulitis

    We report an 18-year-old man with recurrent cellulitis of his umbilicus and surrounding skin.[] Philip R Cohen, Floyd W Robinson, James M Gray Cutis; Cutaneous Medicine for the Practitioner 2010, 86 (4): 199-202 21140929 We report an 18-year-old man with recurrent cellulitis[] Cellulitis Symptoms, causes, and treatments I fixed an appointment with the surgeon recommended by my primary physician to address my umbilical recurrent cellulitis.[]

  • Aagenaes Syndrome

    This case highlights recurrent cellulitis as one of the potential complications of Aagenaes syndrome.[] Sage Journals Labels: Aagenaes syndrome , Lymphedema Cholestasis Syndrome , recurrent cellulitis[] The presence of lymphedema is likely the predisposing factor for development of recurrent infections in such patients.1 Recurrent cellulitis as such has never been described[]

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