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2,359 Possible Causes for Recurrent Infections (Pulmonary, Skin, Teeth)

Did you mean: Recurrent Infections, (Pulmonary, Skin, Teeth)

  • Autosomal Dominant Hyper-IgE Syndrome

    Failure of exfoliation of primary teeth. After delayed shedding of primary teeth or extraction, the normal secondary teeth will emerge.[] Abstract The autosomal dominant hyper-IgE syndrome (HIES, 'Job's syndrome') is characterized by recurrent and often severe pulmonary infections, pneumatoceles, eczema, staphylococcal[] , skin care and prompt treatment of skin infections is an important component of HIES management.[]

  • Stomatitis

    Herpetic stomatitis; shedding may occur for 2 weeks for primary infection, 60 hours for recurrent infection; avoidance or antivirals with early symptomology Good oral hygiene[] This new edition is an absolute must for practicing dermatopathologists and general pathologists who sign out skin biopsies.[] Additionally teeth are often loose or missing. Laboratory Tests Tests to eliminate underlying viral causes include virus testing for FIV, FeLV and an oral Swab for FCV.[]

  • Gingivostomatitis

    Educate parents about recurrent infections, as acyclovir does not eradicate HSV-1 infections.[] Contents: Skin: basic structure and function -- Cutaneous signs and diagnosis -- Dermatoses resulting from physical factors -- Pruritus and neurocutaneous dermatoses -- Atopic[] I hope you are one of the fortunate moms who thinks their child is teething and notices only a mild fever. Right now I wish it were only teething...[]

  • Papillon Lefevre Disease

    Antibiotherapy is also used in the treatment of recurrent infections. Etretinate (a synthetic retinoid) shows promising results in the treatment of PLS.[] The severe destruction of periodontium results in loss of most primary teeth by the age of 4 and most permanent teeth by age 14.[] infections are relatively common in PLS. 14 An estimated 17% of patients present with marked predisposition to a variety of usually mild infections like skin pyodermas. 14[]

  • Hidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

    If symptoms of pain or recurrent infection develop, then treatment is warranted starting with topical medical therapy followed by surgical modalities.[] Thickened skin on the palms and soles can be treated by skin emollients or keratolytics.[] Abstract A four generation Scottish family with hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia affecting predominantly teeth, skin and hair is described.[]

  • Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder

    Take care of your teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Eat right. A healthy, balanced diet can help prevent infections. Be physically active.[] If recurrent infections are present in two or more sites, however, an immunodeficiency disease can be suspected.[] […] one year Two or more months on antibiotics with little effect Two or more pneumonias within one year Failure of an infant to gain weight or grow normally Recurrent, deep skin[]

  • Gardner Syndrome

    Indications for excision include cosmesis, pain, and recurrent infection.[] Abstract Tetraploidy was increased in skin fibroblast cultures grown in the laboratory at the same time under the same conditions and derived from 2 probands with the Gardner[] Gardner syndrome teeth are known as supernumerary teeth or additional teeth beyond the normal dentition.[]

  • Bloch Sulzberger Syndrome

    There is delay in eruption of the teeth. Partial anodontia or hypodontia may be noticed. There is abnormal growth of teeth, typically pegged or conical in shape.[] […] neuropathy 6 6.4 Retinal vascular visorders 5 5.3 Hair defects 82 Alopecia 8 9.7 Hypertrichosis 3 3.6 Fingernail defects 45 Nail dystrophy 29 64 Developmental evolution 30 Recurrent[] […] pigment, congenital Congenital anomaly of skin pigment Congenital pigmentary skin anomalies Incontinentia pigmenti syndrome Mongolian spot Mongolian spot (blue/gray skin[]

  • Ectodermal Dysplasia

    CONCLUSION: AD-EDA-ID patients can present with mild ectodermal dysplasia and non-infectious inflammation, rather than with recurrent infections.[] Ectodermal dysplasia-skin fragility syndrome (EDSFS) is an autosomal recessive genodermatosis characterized by skin fragility, palmoplantar hyperkeratosis, onichodystrophy[] […] and a new set of teeth would help Because of the state of Lan Hai's teeth, Ma has to feed him with liquid foods leading to signs of malnutrition.[]

  • Chronic Abscess

    […] disease in primary antibody deficiency, recurrent infections in childhood, recurrent infections in adulthood, recurrent oro-genital ulceration, recurrent superficial abscesses[] What Is a Skin Abscess?[] If the dental abscess produces pus, sinuses may fill with pus that comes from teeth.[]

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