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76 Possible Causes for Recurrent Pneumonia, Unresolved Pneumonia

  • Bronchogenic Carcinoma

    As such, common symptoms of lung cancer may include: Coughing up blood Recurrent pneumonia due to obstruction of the airways by a tumor Persistent cough At the current time[] Unresolved pneumonia (for more than 8 weeks after proper antibiotic therapy). 24. Golden S sign 25. Golden S sign 26.[] It manifests with symptoms of airway obstruction and/or recurrent pneumonias. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are of great importance in the prognosis.[]

  • Unresolved Pneumonia

    Recurrent Pneumonia in Children Pneumonia can be a serious illness, recurrent pneumonia is a concerning and potentially dangerous condition in children.[] Of these lesions a significant number are described by pathologists as 'unresolved pneumonia'.[] We report an unusual case of unresolved pneumonia in a 59 yr old woman due to endobronchial lipoma and actinomycosis, two rare diseases that have never been described before[]

  • Bronchiectasis

    Broncholiths are an uncommon cause of bronchiectasis and recurrent pneumonias.[] […] and unresolved pneumonia, and CD4 T-cell counts 100 cells per cubic millimeter.[] , foreign body, bronchial carcinoid, unresolved right middle lobe pneumonia, and primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD).[]

  • Foreign Body in the Bronchus

    Persistent febrile illness Chronic cough Recurrent pneumonia Recurrent / persistent “croup” Poorly controlled “asthma” Lung abscess Hemoptysis Progressive respiratory distress[] pneumonia decreased breath sounds wheezing Evaluation Foreign body CXR shows hyperinflation of the affected side ABG necessary for appropriately evaluating ventilation may[] Albuterol ) Persistent or recurrent Pneumonia in the same lung region V.[]

  • Middle Lobe Syndrome

    A 60-year-old Indian woman who was suffering from recurrent pneumonia presented with major haemoptysis and a right-sided pleuritic chest pain.[] Her past medical history included recurrent pneumonia for which she received various courses of antibiotics with no identified micro-organism.[] I've had recurrent pneumonia, bronchitus and upper respiratory infections since birth. My middle lobe collapsed as a kid. I had my tonsil and adenoids out.[]

  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    pneumonias and severe infections by Salmonella spp.[] Recurrent Pneumonia. Most likely to occur when the CD4 T cell count falls below 200 Staphylococcus aureus (primarily causes skin infections).[] Pneumonia, recurrent Recurrent (more than one episode in a 1-year period), acute (new x-ray evidence not present earlier) pneumonia diagnosed by both: a) culture (or other[]

  • Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

    Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is an inherited disorder manifested in children as chronic otomastoiditis, recurrent pneumonia, and chronic sinusitis.[] “I cough a lot and have shortness of breath, recurrent pneumonia and sinus infections,” Aneres says.[] Symptoms include: Lungs: Breathing problems in newborns, recurrent pneumonia, chronic cough and collapsed lung.[]

  • Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

    Without a functional immune system, SCID patients are susceptible to recurrent infections such as pneumonia, meningitis and chicken pox, and can die before the first year[] The signs and symptoms of immunodeficiency in SCID can vary, but do include: History of severe and/or recurrent infections, which can include meningitis, pneumonia, bloodstream[] Ear infections, recurrent Pneumocystis jirovecii (previously carinii) pneumonia, and profuse oral candidiasis commonly occur.[]

  • Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency

    At 3 years of age, she developed chronic and recurrent sinopulmonary infections, and at 4 1/2 years of age she had one major infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae (bacteremia[] He has also experienced recurrent episodes of otitis media from repeat Streptoccous pneumoniae. He notably has reduced T and B cell counts.[] […] agammaglobinemia 5 Common variable immunodeficiency M1 Select Answer to see Preferred Response PREFERRED RESPONSE 1 (M1.IM.40) A 2-year-old Caucasian male presents with recurrent[]

  • Relapsed Small Cell Lung Cancer

    If it is a local recurrence, or in lymph nodes near the original tumor, symptoms may include a cough, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, wheezing, or pneumonia.[] Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome.[ 2 ] Physical examination may identify enlarged supraclavicular lymphadenopathy, pleural effusion or lobar collapse, unresolved pneumonia[]

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