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905 Possible Causes for refractive errors

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  • Myopia

    However, gene variants identified to date explain less than 10% of the variance in refractive error, leaving the majority of heritability unexplained ("missing heritability[] Refractive errors were measured at P35 (age when refractive errors stabilize in mice) using automated infrared photorefractor.[] A classic twin study was undertaken to assess the contribution of genes and environment to the development of refractive errors and ocular biometrics in a twin population.[]

  • Hyperopia

    The 4 groups were matched by initial age on examination and spherical equivalent refractive errors (SER).[] "Without" hyperopia was defined as refractive error of 3.25 D or less in the most positive meridian in both eyes.[] A number of surgical procedures are used to correct refractive errors, including photorefractive keratotomy, LASIK, and clear lens replacement therapy.[]

  • Astigmatism

    What Is Refractive Error?[] Health Conditions and Diseases Eye Disorders Refractive Errors Astigmatism 2 Astigmatism is a condition in which the cornea of the eye is asymmetrically curved, causing out-of-focus[] refractive error compared with that in the general population.[]

  • Disorder of Refraction and Accommodation

    refractive error [rifrak′tiv] a defect in the ability of the lens of the eye to focus an image accurately, as occurs in nearsightedness and farsightedness. refractive error[] REFRACTIVE ERRORS SPS Y2-2012 2. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TODAY?[] Online Q&A 7 October 2013 Q: What is a refractive error? A: A refractive error is a very common eye disorder.[]

  • Amblyopia

    Amblyopia developed but responded well to treatment, which involved correction of the refractive error and occlusion therapy.[] Stimulus deprivation, strabismus, substantially unequal refractive error, microtropia, and organic causes were ruled out.[] Symmetrical refractive error is less likely to lead to amblyopia than unilateral error - eg, in the case of myopia, amblyopia is likely with a symmetrical refractive error[]

  • Asthenopia

    Refractive errors were classified into various types, and the association between these refractive types and symptoms in asthenopia were explored.[] The two groups were matched for age and cycloplegic refractive error.[] Purpose: To study the prevalence of asthenopia and any association with refractive errors in a clinical setting.[]

  • Mild to Severe Myopia

    This refractive error differences in patients with mild to moderate to severe myopia. Myopia is a common refractive error, also known as nearsightedness.[] Myopia Myopia is the most common form of refractive error and affects nearly 30% of the U.S. population.[] error to understand.[]

  • Congenital Ptosis

    RESULTS: Among the 78 cases (95 eyes) of congenital ptosis, refractive error was present in 13 cases (16.7%) with astigmatism as the commonest refractive error (8.9%).[] When refractive errors were compared interocularly, no statistically significant differences were found.[] The main outcome measures were relative eyelid ptosis severity, presence and type of strabismus, refractive error, and amblyopia.[]

  • Presbyopia

    This study sought to determine the prevalence of refractive error and presbyopia, spectacle coverage and the barriers to uptake of refractive services in people aged 15 years[] Refractive Error There are three types of refractive error: myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Myopia or "nearsightedness".[] Of those screened, 76.2 9.0% of teachers had refractive and/or accommodative error and 57.1 7.6% had uncorrected refractive and/or accommodative error.[]

  • Degenerative Myopia

    METHODS: Polarimetric RNFL analysis was done in 41 degenerative myopic eyes of 25 patients with spherical refractive errors between -7.50 and -22.00 D (mean -12.50 D;SD 3.5[] Refractive errors are vision problems that happen when the shape of the eye keeps you from focusing well.[] It is believed that pathological myopia, when the refractive error exceeds six dioptres, is caused by an alteration in the development of the eye's posterior segment and different[]

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