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244 Possible Causes for Renal Biopsy showing Juxtaglomerular Hyperplasia, Salt Craving

  • Addison's Disease

    craving.[] A 41-year-old Caucasian woman with autoimmune hypothyroidism, premature ovarian failure, and microscopic colitis presented with nausea, salt craving, increased skin pigmentation[] Presentation may be acute or insidious, with substantial fatigue and weakness associated with mucocutaneous hyperpigmentation, hypotension and/or postural hypotension, and salt[]

  • Salt Depletion

    Salty Deception: What Your Salt Cravings Really Mean New Salt Study Proves to be Misleading “Experts” say that 90% of Americans are eating way too much salt, which puts them[] Reach for these good-for-you foods to satisfy salt cravings and get an added nutritional punch. While you're at it, switch to sea salt, says nutritionist Bob Seebohar.[] Your liquid "energy booster" may be causing you to be a "salt-waster." Maybe there’s a good reason you especially crave a salted caramel coffee.[]

  • Autoimmune Adrenal Insufficiency

    One month after admission, the patient presented to the endocrine clinic with increased fatigue, decreased appetite, weight loss, salt craving and darkening of the skin.[] Signs and symptoms may include: Extreme fatigue Weight loss and decreased appetite Darkening of your skin (hyperpigmentation) Low blood pressure, even fainting Salt craving[] . Hyperpigmentation, hyperkalemia, salt craving Vitiligo, autoimmue thyroid diseaseSecondary AI & associated conditions: Pale skin, marked anemia Amenorrhea, scant pubic[]

  • Bartter's Disease

    craving, constipation, insensitivity to angiotensin II pressor effects, normal blood pressure.[] Some common ones include: Constipation Frequent urination Generally feeling unwell Muscle weakness and cramping Salt cravings Severe thirst Slower than normal growth and development[] Clinical findings Proximal muscle weakness, failure to thrive, short stature, convulsions, tetany, cramps, ileus, gout, mental retardation, enuresis, nocturia, polyuria, salt[]

  • Antenatal Bartter Syndrome

    Some common ones include: Constipation Frequent urination Generally feeling unwell Muscle weakness and cramping Salt cravings Severe thirst Slower than normal growth and development[] […] developmental delay May have sensorineural hearing loss (linked to the mutations of the barttin protein in Bartter syndrome IV) Gitelman syndrome Fatigue Polyuria Salt cravings[] cravings Muscle weakness Impaired urinary concentrating ability Growth retardation or short stature (if untreated) Hypercalciuria Hypomagnesemia (in approx 10-20%) May have[]

  • Cystic Kidney

    Symptoms Early in the disease, depending on the form of ADTKD, symptoms may include: Excessive urination (polyuria) Gout Salt cravings Urination at night (nocturia) Weakness[] Renal biopsy showed juxtaglomerular hyperplasia, heavy subintimal deposits and C3 and IgG in preglomerular arteriolar walls, and degenerative changes in the tubules, including[]

  • Renal Salt-Wasting Syndrome

    cravings, dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (dysautonomia), and dehydration.[] During this time the patient recalls having excessive thirst and a craving for the salt tablets, which he later found unpalatable.[] […] three liters of urine output over 24 hours in an adult), high amounts of sodium in the urine, low blood sodium concentration, [1] excessive thirst (polydipsia), extreme salt[]

    Missing: Renal Biopsy showing Juxtaglomerular Hyperplasia
  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    This situation may be associated with symptoms suggestive of chronic adrenal insufficiency such as hyperpigmentation, salt craving, and association with autoimmune diseases[] Available data suggest that patients with PAI may be underreplaced with FC as symptoms and signs indicating chronic MC underreplacement, such as salt craving and postural[] craving, and darkening of the skin.[]

    Missing: Renal Biopsy showing Juxtaglomerular Hyperplasia
  • Gitelman Syndrome

    A 22-year male presented with severe episodic fatigue involving all limbs associated with episodes of sinking, palpitations, salt craving, increased thirst and frequent micturition[] The index patient, her sister, father and two aunts had a history of severe salt cravings, fatigue and tetanic episodes, leading to consumption of large quantities of salt[] Though cravings for salt are most common and severe, cravings for sour foods (e.g. vinegar, lemons, and sour figs) have been noted in some persons affected.[]

    Missing: Renal Biopsy showing Juxtaglomerular Hyperplasia
  • Laxative Abuse

    Abstract Two types of laxative abuse are described, namely habitual abuse and surreptitious abuse. Phenolphthalein and the anthraquinone derivatives have been most abused in this respect. Long-term anthraquinone use may lead to melanosis coli and cathartic colon, with typical histological and radiological features.[…][]

    Missing: Salt Craving

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