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636 Possible Causes for Renal Insufficiency, Uric Acid Increased

  • Hyperuricemia

    Abstract A kindred is described in which hyperuricemia and renal insufficiency were observed in three generations.[] Grayson and his team were able to determine if uric acid independently increases the risk for hypertension.[] We describe an infant with transient renal insufficiency associated with hyperuricemia, hyperuricosuria and increased echogenicity of the renal medullary pyramids.[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    ., M.D. [1] Synonyms and Keywords: Renal failure; azotemia; kidney failure; kidney insufficiency; renal disease; kidney injury; renal injury For more detailed information[] Others develop dangerously high blood pressure, poor kidney function, or kidney failure that requires dialysis.[] […] kidney disease (CKD) or chronic renal insufficiency (CRI).[]

  • Preeclampsia

    insufficiency (elevated creatinine), liver involvement (elevated transaminases and/or right upper quadrant pain), neurological complications, haematological complications[] Uric acid. Increased uric acid in the blood is often the earliest laboratory finding related to preeclampsia.[] Increased uric acid High hematocrit level Low platelet count Increase in partial thromboplastin time or PTT Amount of electrolytes Kidney function tests Liver function tests[]

  • Gouty Arthritis

    Both had mild renal insufficiency, with creatinine clearances of 46 and 54 mL/min/1.73 sq m, respectively.[] On follow-up, it was confirmed that as serum C3 level returned to normal, urinary excretion of uric acid increased and serum uric acid level decreased, thereby resolving the[] The uric acid level in the plasma and other extracellular fluids increases in case of a positive uric acid balance.[]

  • Tumor Lysis Syndrome

    Therefore, caution is necessary when this drug is used in the first-line setting in patients with renal insufficiency or a high tumor burden.[] Catabolism of the nucleic acids to uric acid leads to hyperuricemia, and the marked increase in uric acid excretion can result in the precipitation of uric acid in the renal[] After spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome, she had acute renal insufficiency, which was treated with hemodialysis and successively with rasburicase, Kayexalate (sodium polystyrene[]

  • Gout

    Hypertension, renal insufficiency, hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, hyperuricemia, diabetes, obesity, and early menopause were each associated with a higher risk[] The uric acid level in the plasma and other extracellular fluids increases in case of a positive uric acid balance.[] The ICER for patients with chronic renal insufficiency was 38 478 per QALY gained.[]

  • Hepatorenal Syndrome

    The results of liver transplantation are compromised in cirrhotic patients presenting with renal insufficiency from hepatorenal syndrome.[] Wui-Chiang Lee, Han-Chieh Lin, Ming-Chih Hou, Hsiao-Yi Lin, Fa-Yauh Lee, Sun-Sang Wang, Full-Young Chang and Shou-Dong Lee , Serum Uric Acid Levels in Patients With Cirrhosis[] Histologic examination of the kidney did not reveal a lesion that could account for the observed renal insufficiency.[]

  • Scleroderma with Renal Involvement

    […] of the evaluation of renal insufficiency.[] The black race, malignant high blood pressure, renal insufficiency and systemic manifestation allowed us to report the diagnosis of a systemic sclerosis with renal manifestation[] None of these patients, who were followed for a mean of 10 years after onset of scleroderma, have developed chronic renal insufficiency that progressed to dialysis.[]

  • Multiple Myeloma

    Renal Insufficiency. Renal dosing of chemotherapy and medications such as allopurinol. B. Liver Insufficiency. Chemotherapy options may be limited. C.[] The increased number of growing cancerous cells can lead to the overproduction and excretion of uric acid in the urine, which can lead to kidney stones.[] acid levels may be elevated as a complication of multiple myeloma.[]

  • Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy

    Maternal morbidity consisted of hypoglycemia, infection, renal insufficiency, coagulopathy, encephalopathy, and wound complications.[] There were moderately increased blood levels of urea and creatinine but a pronounced increase of uric acid (13.4 mg%).[] There were increased blood levels of urea (115 mg/dL) and creatinine (2.29 mg/dL) and a pronounced increase of serum uric acid 293 mmol/L.[]

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