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45 Possible Causes for Restless Legs Syndrome, Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes

  • Pregnancy

    KEYWORDS: Pregnancy; Restless legs syndrome; Sleep; Willis-Ekbom disease[] Preterm spontaneous rupture of membranes and fetal abnormal presentation represent frequent complications and probably post-caesarean infections are related to pregnancies[] Restless legs syndrome (RLS) - symptoms of RLS include unpleasant feelings in the legs, sometimes described as creepy, tingly or achy.[]

  • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    Problems during delivery Due to the fragility of connective tissue, those with EDS are more prone to prelabour spontaneous rupture of membranes (SROM), including preterm SROM[] Leg Syndrome Insomnia GI Problems (currently waiting on test results for diagnoses) And many more problems with the entire body...[] Leg Syndrome – some find magnesium to help ease this (not all) One side much weaker or more injury-prone than the other, not always your dominant side either Thin skin that[]

  • Pregnancy-induced Hypertension

    BACKGROUND: Restless legs syndrome (RLS), a burdensome sleep disorder, has been associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD), hypertension, diabetes, and related disorders[] A 35-year-old women with pregnancy-induced hypertension and spontaneous rupture of membranes was admitted for induction of labor.[]

  • Pathological Retraction Ring of the Uterus

    Legs Syndrome: Detection and Management in Primary Care 2.00 ADD COURSE Salivary Gland Infections: An Overview of Sialadenitis 1.00 ADD COURSE Saving Lives One Case Note[] She was sent home by the midwife and told to wait at home until she had spontaneous rupture of membranes.[] […] of membranes: (kinds) Spontaneous (SROM}, Prolonged (PROM), Artificial (AROM) Rupture of membranes: Spontaneous(SROM) Rupture of membranes: Can initiate labor or occur anytime[]

  • Fungal Otitis Externa

    OHSS 1020 Pneumonia Viral 1026 Hypergammaglobulinemia 1032 Rape Crisis Syndrome 1114 Refractive Errors 1120 Renal Failure Acute 1126 Restless Legs Syndrome 1136 Retinopathy[] If sufficient pressure builds up behind the tympanic membrane it may rupture spontaneously and exude a purulent discharge.[] Ingrown Toenail 696 Lymphangitis 778 Meniscal Injury 812 Menopause 814 Osteomalacia Rickets 1002 Osteoporosis 1008 Otosclerosis Otospongiosis 1014 Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome[]

  • CAMFAK Syndrome

    What Is Restless Legs Syndrome?[] There was spontaneous early labor, with meconium-stained amniotic fluid after rupture of membranes, and this male infant was delivered vaginally, with Apgar scores of 9 and[] Renal Dysplasia - Limb Defects Syndrome Renal Nutcracker Syndrome restless legs syndrome Retinal Dystrophy, Iris Coloboma, and Comedogenic Acne Syndrome Retinal Dystrophy[]

  • Posthemorrhagic Anaemia of the Newborn

    Legs Syndrome and Rest","Stillborn\n","Infant death\n\nSee also the symptoms of Chondrodysplasia, Grebe type and Chon","Facies abnormality\n","Hepatomegaly\n","Short stature[] Pregnancy characteristics also included mechanism of preterm birth (divided into spontaneous labour with no premature rupture of membranes, maternal bleeding (usually occurring[] Impotence\n\nSee also the symptoms of Acromegaly and Acro","Problem sleepiness\n","Excessive daytime sleepiness (see Drowsiness)\n","Social problems\n\nSee also the symptoms of Restless[]

  • Enterocele

    , ruptured 553.9 abscess (spontaneous) - see Abscess, by site amnion - see Rupture, membranes aneurysm - see Aneurysm anus (sphincter) - see Laceration, anus bone - see Fracture[] Restless legs syndrome Ringworm (scalp), Raynaud's disease Retinal detachment Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Reactive arthritis Retinoblastoma Rosacea, Reactive attachment[] (spontaneous) meniscus (knee) - see also Tear, meniscus mitral - see Insufficiency, mitral muscle (traumatic) NEC - see also Sprain, by site nontraumatic (meaning hernia)[]

  • Syringocystadenoma papilliferum

    Pramipexole induced psychosis in a patient with restless legs syndrome. BMJ Case Rep . 2013;2013:bcr2013009716. 7. Blanpied TA, Clarke RJ, Johnson JW.[] 69-11 An unusual histological cataract 70-03 Spontaneous rupture of the lens capsule 71-19 Asteroid hyalosis 72-28 Granulomatous anterior uveitis and hyalitis 73-32 Aicardi's[] […] neoplasm 67-20 Oculo-dermal melanocytosis (naevus of Ota) with secondary glaucoma, choroidoretinitis, cataract and corneal scarring 68-34 Granulomatous reaction to Descemet's membrane[]

  • Duodenal Stenosis

    leg syndrome, hereditary spastic paresis, status post laser prostatectomy, urinary incontinence, status post dilatation of urethral stricture, recurrent bladder/renal stones[] A girl weighing 1080 g was born at a gestational age of 29 weeks because of spontaneous premature rupture of membranes.[] Weakness, Dyspnea on Exertion and Falls 89 year old Caucasian male who had a past medical history notable for HTN, Transient Ischemic Attacks, hypothyroidism, dyslipidemia, Restless[]

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