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257 Possible Causes for Retinal Arteriovenous Nipping, Retinal Vessels Attenuated

  • Hypertension

    Note the generalised tapetal retinal oedema and retinal vessel attenuation.[] There are also some areas of retinal thinning and laterally there is retinal degeneration Figure 3 SBP 172 mmHg. Left eye.[] Throughout the tapetal fundus there are areas of hyperreflectivity due to retinal thinning and hyporeflectivity because of localised retinal oedema Figure 4 SBP 170 mmHg.[]

  • Coronary Artery Disease

    Myocardial ischemia in patients with stable coronary artery disease (CAD) has been repeatedly associated with impaired survival. However, it is unclear if revascularization with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) to relieve ischemia improves outcomes compared with medical therapy (MT). The objective of this[…][]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Arteriosclerosis

    The management of the chronically ischemic leg with ulcer formation that is not suitable for either surgical or interventional treatment is still a matter of controversy. We describe three cases of ischemic ulcer treated with basic fibroblast growth factor spray. Ulcer healing was accelerated and complete[…][]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Lower Extremity Arteriosclerosis

    BACKGROUND: Ketamine in sub-dissociative doses has been shown to have analgesic effects in various pain conditions, including neuropathic and phantom-limb pain, where conventional treatment has often failed. Chronic ischemic pain due to lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans often responds poorly to analgesics,[…][]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Hypertensive Heart Disease

    This report describes seven deaths caused by angioedema of the tongue related to angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. These seven cases were received in our office between 1998 and 2000. In that time frame we performed approximately 2000 autopsies. The cases involved African-American men and women,[…][]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Arteriosclerotic Retinopathy

    […] in retinal vascular appearance On examination - retinal arteriovenous nipping On examination - retinal vessel narrowing R changes in retinal vascular appearance Retinal arteries[] […] vascular appearance Bilateral changes in retinal vascular appearance Changes in retinal vascular appearance, both eyes L changes in retinal vascular appearance Left changes[] […] converts approximately to: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM H35.019 Changes in retinal vascular appearance, unspecified eye Approximate Synonyms Arteriosclerotic retinopathy Bilat changes in retinal[]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Retinitis pigmentosa 40

    The retinal vessels are also attenuated and some patients have mild optic atrophy.[] Other ocular features include waxy pallor of the optic nerve head, attenuation (thinning) of the retinal vessels, cellophane maculopathy, cystic macular edema and posterior[] B) Autosomal-dominant retinitis pigmentosa. Fundus shows vessel attenuation and waxy pallor disc. A ring of hyperautofluorescence (yellow arrow) is visible on AF.[]

    Missing: Retinal Arteriovenous Nipping
  • Hyper IgD Syndrome

    Autoinflammatory syndromes are disorders with an exaggerated inflammatory response, mostly in the absence of an appropriate trigger. Prototypic autoinflammatory syndromes are FMF, hyper-IgD syndrome (also known as mevalonate kinase deficiency), TNF receptor-associated periodic syndrome and cryopyrin-associated[…][]

    Missing: Retinal Arteriovenous Nipping
  • Malignant Hypertension

    Malignant hypertension may present with retinopathy, choroidopathy, and optic neuropathy. Flame-shaped retinal hemorrhages, an early finding, are due to smooth muscle necrosis and bleeding along the nerve fiber layer. Cotton-wool spots, or cytoid bodies, are not exudates, but rather are retinal infarcts.[…][]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Optic Nerve Infarction

    vessels, peripapillary nerve fiber layer hemorrhages, cotton-wool spots, exudates, retinal folds (Paton’s lines), and absent venous pulsations (absent in 20% of normal individuals[] nipping (sclerotic sign where thickened arteriole compresses venule) GRADE 3 Microaneurysms (which can rupture to form…) Retinal haemorrhages (dot/blot/flame) Cotton wool[] […] of the retinal arterioles at outset ( Fig. 1a), implying that there may have been some additional compromise in the retinal centripetal vessels supplying the surface layer[]

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