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57 Possible Causes for Retinal Vessels Attenuated, Retinopathy, Vertigo

  • Hypertension

    Note the generalised tapetal retinal oedema and retinal vessel attenuation.[] Some people with high blood pressure report headaches (particularly at the back of the head and in the morning), as well as lightheadedness, vertigo, tinnitus (buzzing or[] High blood pressure increases the risk of both development of diabetic retinopathy and its progression.[]

  • Susac Syndrome

    Ophthalmology found total retinal detachment under ultrasound and only light perception OD; very attenuated, sclerotic vessels diffusely; and macular edema OS.[] Despite comprehensive clinical and laboratory studies that did not reveal systemic disease, 3 weeks later, the patient developed vertigo, sensorineural hearing loss, and tinnitus[] Interferon retinopathy is a well-known condition, usually manifesting with cotton-wool spots and retinal hemorrhages that resolve with medication cessation. 4 Retinopathy[]

  • Usher Syndrome

    The fundus examinations indicated that H-III-1 exhibited a typical RP appearance, including ‘bone spicule’ pigmentary deposits, retinal vessel attenuation and waxy optic discs[] She did not complain of vertigo. The family history was unremarkable. Physical examination revealed no obvious abnormalities of the external ear or tympanic membrane.[] […] profoundly hearing impaired and have normal vestibular function should be tested for USH3 mutations; and that RPA and RPSP can occur as fundoscopic manifestations of pigmentary retinopathy[]

  • Acute Hypertensive Retinopathy

    The retinal vessels are attenuated and there are microvascular abnormalities in the posterior pole. There are scattered retinal hemorrhages.[] Another group of hypertensive patients may have a transient blood pressure elevation caused by any emotional, painful, or uncomfortable event, such as migraine, vertigo, vascular[] retinopathy and retinal vascular changes 2016 2017 2018 2019 Non-Billable/Non-Specific Code Code Also any associated hypertension ( I10.- ) Background retinopathy and retinal[]

  • TORCH Syndrome

    Chorioretinal dysplasia with vessel attenuation in right and left eyes. (c) CT scan showing hydranencephaly with intracranial calcifications.[] […] congenital toxoplasmosis include diffuse intracerebral calcification, chorioretinitis, and microcephaly; congenital rubella can result in deafness, congenital heart disease, retinopathy[] Other common medical complications are hypoacusis, microcephaly, cataracts, ocular hypoplasia, microphthalmos, retinopathies, etc.[]

  • Spasmus Nutans

    RESULTS: Polydactyly, truncal obesity, mild delay in cognitive development, visual acuity of 20/100, attenuated retinal vessels and pale disks, and bilaterally almost extinguished[] There were no associated symptoms of gait disturbance or vertigo or hearing deficit.[] It also is useful to assess the status of the retina in advanced retinopathy of prematurity, familial exudative vitreoretinopathy, and perinatal trauma.[]

  • Usher Syndrome Type I

    Objective testing includes direct examination of the retina, where an ophthalmologist will find attenuated blood vessels, a waxy pallor, and clumps of dead retinal cells called[] […] research,70(4):245-249 2011(Aug. 01) Author:吉村 豪兼; 坂口 正範; 福岡 久邦; 塚田 景大; 宇佐美 真一; Abstract:A 27-year-old woman who was referred to our hospital 5 days after an episode of vertigo[] […] type I is an autosomal recessive disease characterized by profound congenital hearing impairment and vestibular dysfunction followed by the onset of progressive pigmentary retinopathy[]

  • Vitreoretinal Degeneration

    retinal vessels.[] […] the fusion the headaches and tinlging went away and then 4 months later, while in a PT work conditioning prorgam, the headaches returned, along with nausea, vomiting and vertigo[] 362.05 Moderate nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy 362.06 Severe nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy 362.07 Diabetic macular edema 362.10 Background retinopathy, unspecified[]

  • Retinal Macular Dystrophy Type 2

    Attenuation of the retinal vessels evolves with disease progression.[] […] the fusion the headaches and tinlging went away and then 4 months later, while in a PT work conditioning prorgam, the headaches returned, along with nausea, vomiting and vertigo[] This stage of retinopathy is called non-proliferative or background retinopathy.[]

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa 32

    The clinical hallmarks are abnormal fundus with bone-spicule deposits and attenuated retinal vessels, abnormal electroretinographic findings and reduced visual fields (Daiger[] But the rate of balance disorder (vertigo or dizziness) has never been reported in Japan.[] '-like retinopathy is extremely rare. 3 We present a case of bilateral exudative retinopathy suggestive of Coats' disease in a 12 year old boy in whom investigation revealed[]

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