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287 Possible Causes for Retinal Vessels Attenuated, Scleromalacia Perforans

  • Hypertension

    Note the generalised tapetal retinal oedema and retinal vessel attenuation.[] There are also some areas of retinal thinning and laterally there is retinal degeneration Figure 3 SBP 172 mmHg. Left eye.[] Throughout the tapetal fundus there are areas of hyperreflectivity due to retinal thinning and hyporeflectivity because of localised retinal oedema Figure 4 SBP 170 mmHg.[]

  • Scleromalacia

    Treatment of Scleromalacia Perforans The usual treatment of Scleromalacia Perforans includes the use of both the topical and systemic medications.[] Scleromalacia perforans is a form of advanced scleromalacia .[] Guidelines Add to My To-Do List View Mark Complete Remove Comments Scleromalacia perforans consists of scleral melting in a white, quiet eye.[]

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  • Scleritis and Episcleritis

    Of these, 13 were regarded as scleromalacia perforans. Posterior scleritis (6 eyes) The diagnosis is based on an exact clinical examination which is fully described.[] perforans, and posterior) and episcleritis (simple and nodular).[] Thirteen subjects had anterior scleritis (7 nodular, 5 diffuse, and 1 scleromalacia perforans), and 7 subjects had episcleritis.[]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Retinitis pigmentosa 40

    The retinal vessels are also attenuated and some patients have mild optic atrophy.[] Other ocular features include waxy pallor of the optic nerve head, attenuation (thinning) of the retinal vessels, cellophane maculopathy, cystic macular edema and posterior[] B) Autosomal-dominant retinitis pigmentosa. Fundus shows vessel attenuation and waxy pallor disc. A ring of hyperautofluorescence (yellow arrow) is visible on AF.[]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans
  • Hyper IgD Syndrome

    Autoinflammatory syndromes are disorders with an exaggerated inflammatory response, mostly in the absence of an appropriate trigger. Prototypic autoinflammatory syndromes are FMF, hyper-IgD syndrome (also known as mevalonate kinase deficiency), TNF receptor-associated periodic syndrome and cryopyrin-associated[…][]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans
  • Scleromalacia Perforans

    Scleromalacia perforans is a rare ocular manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis which can potentially lead to blindness and is a late consequence in the course of the disease[] The only systemic disease currently recognized to be complicated by scleromalacia perforans is rheumatoid arthritis.[] A 51-year-old woman with bilateral scleromalacia perforans and advanced glaucoma in the left eye was evaluated.[]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Episcleritis

    Of these, 13 were regarded as scleromalacia perforans. Posterior scleritis (6 eyes) The diagnosis is based on an exact clinical examination which is fully described.[] Effect of cortisone on rheumatoid nodules of the sclera (scleromalacia perforans).[] Fascia lata grafting in scleromalacia perforans with lamellar corneal-scleral dissection.[]

    Missing: Retinal Vessels Attenuated
  • Spastic Ataxia with Congenital Miosis

    The fundus shows black "bone spicules" of pigment clustered around vessels in the midperiphery. The disc is waxy pale, and there is attenuation of both retinal vessels.[] In decreasing order: necrotizing scleritis without inflammation ie. scleromalacia perforans (over 90%), nodular and necrotizing scleritis (50%), diffuse scleritis (30%) and[]

  • Fleck Retina of Kandori

    TRD/RRD - post equatorial whitish spots at level of RPE - causes similar symptoms and decreased vision with vessel attenuation and ON atrophy RPA Retinitis Punctata Albescens[] Ocular: Decreased tear formation; scleromalacia perforans; keratoconjunctivitis; chronic anterior uveitis; scleritis; vitreous opacities; macular edema; choroidal inflammation[] Retinitis pigmentosa sine pigmentoso”: do not have pigment clumps early. ii. May exist for decades. 2. Attenuated retinal vessels,narrowed. 3.[]

  • Sclerosing Keratitis

    It is often associated with scleromalacia perforans. b. Is corneal graft useful in this patient?[] Hfilyogmiit6t utgtn 1 6vvel fell6p5 scleromalacia perforans ellfit/tsa scleroplasticfival [Scleromalacia perforans one year after cataract surgery treated by scleroplasty.[] perforans, right eye H15.052 Scleromalacia perforans, left eye H15.053 Scleromalacia perforans, bilateral H15.059 Scleromalacia perforans, unspecified eye H15.091 Other scleritis[]

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