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823 Possible Causes for Retrognathia

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  • Micrognathism

    If the infant is not closing down properly, the lower jaws become more noticeably deficient ( micrognathia or retrognathia).[] The typical features of PRS are: Micrognathia or retrognathia (small or retracted mandible).[] Features included hypoplastic lungs, cleft palate, retrognathia, micrognathism , small thorax, diaphragmatic hernia, distal limb hypoplasia, and early onset of polyhydramnios[]

  • Nager Syndrome

    Key Words Nager acrofacial dysostosis Micro/retrognathia Atypical cleft palate Mandibular distraction osteogenesis This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check[] On clinical examination, the patient displayed a characteristic craniofacial phenotype including severe malar and mandibular hypoplasia with retrognathia, down-slanting palpebral[] The physical evaluation revealed asymmetric face, down-slanting palpebral fissures, mild micro-retrognathia and type II hypoplasia of the left thumb.[]

  • Achondrogenesis, Type 1A

    Mild hypothelorism, depressed nasal bridge, low set ear and mild retrognathia were identified too. Amniocentesis result was compatible with a normal female fetus.[] […] sloping forehead; convex facial plane; flat nasal bridge, occasionally associated with a deep horizontal groove; small nose, often with anteverted nostrils; long philtrum; retrognathia[] ","Mouth scarring\n\nSee also the symptoms of Acatalasemia and Acat","Infant death\n","Stillbirth\n\nSee also the symptoms of Proud-Levine-Carpenter syndrome and Prou","Retrognathia[]

  • Weaver Syndrome

    Cranial abnormalities, such as macrocephaly, and several characteristic features of the face (retrognathia, a broad forehead, round facies, large ears, and very wide eyes)[] Weaver syndrome (WVS) is a rare, multisystem disorder characterized by tall stature, a typical facial appearance (hypertelorism, retrognathia) and variable intellectual disability[] Hypertelorism, downslanting palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds Retrognathia & with prominent chin crease ("stuck on chin").[]

  • Occipital Encephalocele

    […] abdominal situs inversus and congenital heart disease. ( 18810345 ) Krishnamurthy S....Prakash A. 2008 38 Airway management in a patient with occipital encephalocele with retrognathia[] Associated anomalies noted were hypertelorism, retrognathia, low set ears (Fig 1d), imperforate anus and penoscrotal inversion (Fig 1f), hypoplastic thumbs (Fig 1g & 1h) and[] Prenatal ultrasonography showing parietal cephalocele in connection with third ventricle; c) Partial karyotype of fetus; d) External examination of fetus showing hypertelorism, retrognathia[]

  • Trisomy 18

    Note the microphthalmia, micrognathia/retrognathia, microstomia, low-set/malformed ears, short sternum, and abnormally clenched fingers in an infant with trisomy 18 (Edwards[] The disorder is characterized by severe psychomotor and growth retardation, microcephaly, microphthalmia, malformed ears, micrognathia or retrognathia, microstomia, distinctively[]

  • Coffin-Lowry Syndrome

    In particular, the characteristic facial features of CLS, including retrognathia and large tongue, are associated with difficult ventilation and/or intubation, which is a[] In particular, the characteristic facial features of CLS, including retrognathia and large tongue, are associated with ...[] […] in height Microcephaly can be seen, but not in all cases Dental Anomalies are common Small teeth Malpositioning Hypodontia Delayed eruption Premature loss Palate is high Retrognathia[]

  • Nemaline Myopathy

    […] facial muscles are involved, affected individuals may develop distinctive facial features including an elongated face, a displaced jaw that is farther back than normal (retrognathia[]

  • Oculocerebrorenal Syndrome

    The child had an anticipated difficult airway by virtue of large head circumference with frontal bossing, retrognathia and high arched palate.[] On physical examination, the child had a large head circumference, 54.1 cm (more than 97th percentile), frontal bossing, severe retrognathia and high arched palate.[] […] distinct feature of this syndrome as observed by Scaricaoglu et al. 1 We anticipated a difficult airway due to the presence of large head circumference, frontal bossing, retrognathia[]

  • Surgical Procedure

    We describe a simple, conservative surgical procedure performed on a patient with profound mandibular retrognathia (dolichofacial type), accompanied by sleep apnea.[]

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