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631 Possible Causes for Retrograde Ejaculation, Sudden Hearing Loss

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Abstract It has been suggested that physical trauma, involving the cervical spinal cord or the brain, and psychological stress may precede MS onset or may influence the disease course, although this hypothesis has mainly come from anecdotal case reports or small uncontrolled or controlled studies. So far there are[…][]

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    Spinal neurodegeneration is an important determinant of disability progression in patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Advanced imaging techniques, such as single-voxel (1)H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy and q-space imaging, have increased pathological specificity for neurodegeneration, but are[…][]

  • Influenza

    Oseltamivir is a neuraminidase inhibitor approved for the prevention and treatment of influenza. Few haematological side effects have been reported with oseltamivir. We report herein the case of an unexpected platelet increase in a 46-year-old woman with idiopathic thrombocytopenia (ITP) treated with oseltamivir for[…][]

    Missing: Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    J Infect Chemother. 2011 Oct;17(5):686-8. doi: 10.1007/s10156-011-0221-6. Epub 2011 Feb 15. Author information 1 Department of Gastroenterology and Hematology, Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toyama, 2630 Sugitani, Toyama 930-0194, Japan. Abstract Infectious mononucleosis (IM) is a[…][]

    Missing: Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    System(s) affected: auditory Synonym(s): auditory tube dysfunction; ET disorder; blocked ET; patulous ET ALERT Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) can be misdiagnosed[]

    Missing: Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Otitis Media

    Be sensitive to signs of progression of suppurative labyrinthitis, which consists of acute increase in vestibular symptoms and sudden hearing loss.[] Symptoms of an acute ear infection in older children or adults include: Ear pain or earache Fullness in the ear Feeling of general illness Vomiting Diarrhea Hearing loss in[] Symptoms such as hearing loss or dizziness may also occur. If suppurative otitis media is present, the eardrum may tear.[]

    Missing: Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    EjD was identified using both free text ("ejaculat*," "retrograde ejaculation," "anejaculation," "ejaculatory dysfunction") and Mesh ("Ejaculation") searches.[] […] decrease or loss of vision blurred vision sudden decrease or loss of hearing chest pain, dizziness, or nausea during sexual activity These side effects are mostly related[] Another less common result of TURP or laser treatment is retrograde ejaculation or loss of bladder control.[]

  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss

    […] and sudden hearing loss.[] Bilateral sudden hearing loss is a rare initial symptom. In this article, we report a 44-year-old male patient with bilateral sudden hearing loss and dizziness.[] […] the mechanisms responsible for sudden sensorineural hearing loss in leukaemic patients.[]

    Missing: Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Transurethral Prostate Resection

    Retrograde ejaculation can also be a side effect of certain medications.[] With TUIP, there is much less risk of retrograde ejaculation compared with TURP. However, it usually gives you symptom relief equal to TURP.[] The volume of semen will likely be reduced; this is due to “retrograde ejaculation”, or backward flow of the semen into the bladder.[]

    Missing: Sudden Hearing Loss
  • Conductive Hearing Loss

    Conductive hearing loss can occur gradually due to environmental or lifestyle factors. Sudden hearing loss may also occur over a few hours or two to three days.[] Sudden hearing loss If you have a sudden hearing loss in one or both ears and there is no obvious temporary cause, it's important to see an ear, nose and throat specialist[] (idiopathic) hearing loss ( ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code H91.2 Sudden idiopathic hearing loss 2016 2017 2018 2019 Non-Billable/Non-Specific Code Applicable To Sudden hearing[]

    Missing: Retrograde Ejaculation

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