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63 Possible Causes for revolving door

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  • Substance Withdrawal Syndrome

    Many people get stuck in a revolving door of detox and relapse because they find that dealing with the initial depression that sets in, in early sobriety , is just too much[]

  • Autoimmune Hypophysitis

    They kept me on heavy doses of dilauded, had a revolving door of doctors, and eventually sent me to a neurosurgeon.[]

  • Drug-induced Psychosis

    If the substance misuses treatment program was sponsored and available on the ward this could potentially reduce the number of psychotic incidences and the revolving door[] door patients which to an extent shows how the current system is failing them rather than dealing with there mental health we also have to deal with there drug addiction.[] […] would be part of the treatment plan and patients as a must should be encouraged to engage with these services or run the risk of losing leave personally there are to many revolving[]

  • Noncompliance to Diet

    […] counts or missed prescription refills; body fluid analysis inconsistent with compliance * Evidence of development of complications * Evidence of exacerbation of symptoms * "Revolving-door[]

  • Dissociative Disorder

    Which would enable earlier recognition and therefore avoid revolving door admissions with no sustainable progress.[]

  • Arthropod Sting

    Similar to getting your hand mashed in a revolving door." Pain Rating: 2 Yellowjacket : "Hot and smoky, almost irreverent. Imagine W.C.[]

  • Hornet, Wasp, or Bee String

    Similar to getting your hand mashed in a revolving door. 6) YELLOWJACKET RATING: 2.0 SCHMIDT SAYS: Hot and smoky, almost irreverent. Imagine W. C.[]

  • Confusion

    Stationary/Stationery Stationary means unmoving: The revolving door remained stationary because Posey was pushing on it the wrong way.[]

  • Alcohol-induced Hypoglycemia

    If that sounds preposterous, consider the never-ending revolving door of business and revenue that comes from not sharing this knowledge.[]

  • Radio-Renal Syndrome

    Door RD Rapid Deployment RD Rubber Duck RD Retinal Detachment (eye condition) RD Reference Document RD Residence Director RD Riverdance (Irish dance show) RD Reservoir Dogs[] Red Dwarf (games) RD Required Date RD Registered Dietician RD Rough Draft (writers software) RD Radio Disney RD Rural Delivery RD Racial Discrimination RD Required Data RD Revolving[]

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