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25 Possible Causes for Right Heart Endocarditis, Vaginal Discharge, Weight Loss

  • Birth

    Hypoglycemia is an important contributor to hypothermia [ 44 ], and vice versa: it maintains a vicious circle, which leads to feeding weakness, weight loss and finally increased[] Vaginal discharge You'll have a vaginal discharge (lochia) for a number of weeks after delivery. Expect a bright red, heavy flow of blood for the first few days.[] Common symptoms of STIs include vaginal discharge, urethral discharge or burning in men, genital ulcers, and abdominal pain.[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common bacterial infections in children, and its role in the pathogenesis of scarred kidney is debated. We report on a 7-year-old child who presented with severe UTI. The early (day 4) renal computed tomography (CT) scan showed normal-sized kidneys (110 mm on the[…][]

  • Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    Here, I report the case of a 31-year-old immigrant Burmese woman who exhibited epigastralgia, fever, weight loss and an epigastric mass.[] Otherwise there were no significant changes for the other outcomes measured of reported genital ulcers, reported urethral discharge or reported vaginal discharge.[] The case of a 41-year-old male with AIDS who presented with weight loss, abdominal pain, ascites, edema, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea is discussed.[]

  • Brucellosis

    The patient reported the loss of appetite, arthralgia and weight loss during previous five months.[] B. abortus from infected aborted fetuses, fetal fluids, fetal membranes, or vaginal discharges.[] loss.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    loss or failure to gain weight irritability vomiting poor feeding diarrhea Older children urgency to urinate incontinence during day and/or night frequent urination painful[] These included breast tenderness, vaginal bleeding or spotting, vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation, burning and itching.[] Symptoms may include: In babies: Fever Abdominal pain Abdominal fullness Foul-smelling urine Poor growth Weight loss or failure to gain weight Irritability Vomiting Poor feeding[]

  • Drug-induced Neutropenia

    In any case, the clinical presentation is distinguished by the appearance of localized infections, and in more severe neutropenia, systemic signs (fever, malaise, weight loss[] discharge If an infection takes hold, there is a risk of febrile neutropenia, also referred to as neutropenic sepsis.[] Case 1 A 68-year-old man with SS suffered recurrent episodes of fever and urticaria associated with profound weight loss and anaemia.[]

  • Candidal Endocarditis

    Symptoms you might notice include fever, shortness of breath, fluid buildup in your arms or legs, tiny red spots on your skin, and weight loss.[] Vaginal Candidiasis – Treatment of the vaginal discharge and itching in this type of infection consists of administering specific antifungal drugs.[] Getting treatment for endocarditis right away improves the chances of a good outcome.[]

  • Q Fever

    Weight loss and fatigue were seen in 25 and 14 patients, respectively.[] C. burnetii can be confirmed by visualisation of smears from placenta, lung, liver and abomasum from the foetus or vaginal discharge, with Gimenez staining.[] Contegra (Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN) conduits are routinely used in cases of right ventricular outflow tract reconstruction during congenital heart surgery.[]

  • Pneumococcal Meningitis

    An infant with pneumococcal meningitis developed signs of raised intracranial pressure during the progression of the disease, including loss of consciousness, hypertension[] Patient was discharged home after ten days in the hospital and had an uncomplicated vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC) at 38 weeks.[] Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging identified multiple lesions with restricted diffusion suggestive of ischemia in the brainstem, explaining the signs observed[]

  • Disseminated Cryptococcosis

    The patient was a twenty-three-year-old man, with a history of daily fever during one month associated with diarrhea, weight loss, headache, vomiting and generalized seizures[] No vaginal discharge was observed. Pelvic examination revealed mobile uterus, fornix free but scarred left sided vaginal vault.[] She had jaundice since 1 month with dark coloured urine, loss of weight and appetite. She was admitted in local hospital for these symptoms but no improvement was seen.[]

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