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31 Possible Causes for Sacral Crease

  • Chromosome 17p13.1 Deletion Syndrome

    Symptoms of Chromosome 17p13.1 deletion syndrome Symptoms : The Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) provides the following list of features that have been reported in people with this condition. Much of the information in the HPO comes from Orphanet, a European rare disease database. Signs and Symptoms Webbed neck[…][]

  • Trisomy 8q

    Additional findings included a webbed neck, hypoplastic and wide spaced nipples, bilateral cryptorchidism, anteriorly placed anus and deep sacral crease.[]

  • Trisomy 4p

    […] dimple, anterior displacement of anus, simian creases, abnormal thumb (congenital clasped thumb), overlapping toes, and congenital hypothyroidism.[] […] lip, double outlet right ventricle, atria/ventricular septal defect, cleft mitral valve, pulmonary stenosis, single umbilical artery, multicystic dysplastic left kidney, sacral[]

  • Pilonidal Cyst

    Some babies are born with a small dimple just above the crease of the buttocks, called a sacral dimple. Sacral dimples can become infected and form a pilonidal abscess.[] Some babies are born with an indentation just above the crease of the buttocks called a sacral dimple.[]

  • Ring Chromosome 18

    The fetus had microcephaly, hypertelorism, epicanthal folds, cleft palate, a broad flat nose, simian creases, broad hands, tapered fingers, clubfeet, micropenis, a sacral[]

  • Pressure Ulcer

    In this case series, flaps from the gluteal crease were successfully used for surgical closure of sacral pressure ulcers.[] To incorporate the IGAP in the reconstruction of sacral pressure ulcers, a skin paddle over the gluteal crease was created and implemented by the authors.[] Abstract Despite advances in reconstruction techniques, sacral pressure ulcers continue to present a challenge to the plastic surgeon.[]

  • Autosomal-Recessive Robinow Syndrome

    […] sinus / dimple - Short neck - Short philtrum - Simian crease / transverse / unique palmar crease - Strabismus / squint - Supernumerary teeth / polyodontia - Syndactyly of[] renal dysplasia - Oligodactyly / ectrodactyly of fingers - Pectus carinatum - Ptosis - Pulmonary valve atresia / stenosis / narrowing - Repeat respiratory infections - Sacral[]

  • Familial Isolated Trichomegaly

    […] sinus / dimple - Scoliosis - Shawl scrotum - Simian crease / transverse / unique palmar crease - Strabismus / squint - Wide space between 1st-2nd toes[] Psychic / behavioural troubles - Respiratory distress / dyspnea / respiratory failure / lung volume reduction - Restricted joint mobility / joint stiffness / ankylosis - Sacral[]

  • Ptosis - Strabismus - Ectopic Pupils Syndrome

    […] dimple Immune system Infection-prone Immunodeficiency Dermatoglyphics Hypoplastic dermal ridges Transverse palmar creases (25%) Excess of digital arches t or t’ Fetal phenotype[] […] hand/foot malformation Immune system See the list below: Infection-prone Immunodeficiency Dermatoglyphics See the list below: Hypoplastic dermal ridges Transverse palmar creases[] Minor anomalies – Scalp defect, hypertelorism usually with a prominent glabella, pulmonary isomerism, common mesentery, hypospadias, sacral dimple Major anomalies – Intrauterine[]

  • Tethered Cord Syndrome

    Symptoms A sacral dimple consists of an indentation, or "pit," in the skin on the lower back, just above the crease between the buttocks.[] Overview A sacral dimple is an indentation, present at birth, in the skin on the lower back. It's usually located just above the crease between the buttocks.[] Most sacral dimples are harmless and don't require any treatment.[]

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