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3,087 Possible Causes for Salicylate Poisoning, Sunken Fontanelle, Syncope

  • Dehydration

    Plus, dehydration can aggravate a tendency toward syncope, making the likelihood of fainting higher.[] Signs of Dehydration Mild Thirst Dry lips Slightly dry mouth membranes Moderate Very dry mouth membranes Sunken eyes Sunken fontanelle (soft spot) on infant’s head.[] […] eyes, (in infant – sunken fontanel, the soft spot on the head), limited, very dark urine, cramps, stiff and/or painful joints, severe irritability, severe headache, few or[]

  • Panic Attacks

    "Hyperventilation-Induced Syncope: No Need to Panic." Clinical Medicine and Research 1.2 (2003): 137-139. Friedlander, A.H., S.R. Marder, E.C. Sung, and J.S. Child.[]

    Missing: Sunken Fontanelle
  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    […] gastric acid) Melaena – black tarry stools (digested blood) Haematochezia – passage of fresh blood per rectum (can occur in profuse upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage) Pre-syncope[] Several findings suggest hypovolemia or hemorrhagic shock: Syncope Hypotension Pallor Diaphoresis Tachycardia The history and physical examination suggest a diagnosis in about[] Consider testing for H. pylori if appropriate Upper GI Endoscopy Both an investigation and a therapy Urgent endoscopy for upper GI haemorrhage is typically indicated if: Syncope[]

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  • Hyponatremia

    Patients with hyponatremia often present with changes in mental status or with syncope.[] fontanelle) have a dry mouth have dark-yellow pee have cold and blotchy-looking hands and feet Once the dehydration has been treated your child will need to maintain their[] "Syncope: risk stratification and clinical decision making". Emergency Medicine Practice. 16 (4): 1–22, quiz 22–3. PMID 25105200.[]

  • Emotional Stress

    BACKGROUND: The aim of the study was to assess whether history of vasovagal syncope (VVS) mediated by emotional (emotional VVS) or orthostatic stress (orthostatic VVS) is[] RESULTS: Symptoms reported included chest pain (49%), dyspnea (70%), palpitations (61%), and syncope/lightheadedness (59%).[] First-ever syncopal episode was reported at a median age of 16 years (interquartile range [IQR], 12 years to 28 years), and the median total number of episodes was two (IQR[]

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  • Hyperventilation

    We present the case of a patient who presented with recurrent syncope.[] ; Abstract This review summarizes evidence in humans for an association between hyperventilation (HV)-induced hypocapnia and a reduction in cerebral perfusion leading to syncope[] In this case report we describe a trial of experimentally induced syncope in a healthy young volunteer that produced abnormal periods of hyperventilation (V(A) 57 L/min) and[]

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  • Hypoglycemia

    A 64 year-old African female was brought to the emergency room with a 1-month history of recurrent syncope, weight loss, and abdominal bloating.[] The symptoms include being: Hungry Shaky Sleepy Anxious Dizzy Confused or nervous Sweaty Irritable Syncope (Passing out, losing consciousness) Some people have trouble speaking[] Feeling faint is common and actual syncope may occur.[]

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  • Orthostatic Hypotension

    , the most common cause of syncope.[] Alcohol consumption may be linked to syncopal events. The mechanisms by which alcohol may induce syncope are unknown.[] During the follow-up, 10 727 (32.9%) died, with 419 deaths preceded by syncope/orthostatic hypotension hospitalization.[]

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  • Orthostatic Syncope

    […] by dizziness (pre-syncope).[] , and in the fainters group between the first (at the beginning) and the last period (just before syncope) of tilting.[] Abstract 159 patients with a previous discharge diagnosis of recurrent vasodepressor syncope associated with prolonged standing or other circumstance known to trigger the[]

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  • Hypotension

    Symptoms generally include dizziness, blurred vision, and syncope.[] Non-pharmacological therapy is often effective in preventing vasovagal syncope.[] Vasovagal syncope is a form of dysautonomia characterized by an inappropriate drop in blood pressure while in the upright position.[]

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