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39 Possible Causes for Satyriasis

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  • Kluver-Bucy Syndrome

    We report a patient with dementia and Klüver-Bucy syndrome who presented 17 years after radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Computerized tomography of the brain revealed bilateral temporal lobe atrophy. The possibility of delayed effects of radiation brain injury in causing the human Klüver-Bucy syndrome[…][]

  • Kleine-Levin Syndrome

    Kleine-Levin syndrome: Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment Department of Psychiatry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110 029, India Date of Submission 27-Jun-2010 Date of Decision 25-Jul-2010 Date of Acceptance 09-Aug-2010 Date of Web Publication 24-Dec-2010 Correspondence Address :[…][]

  • Satyriasis

    In psychiatry, satyriasis is a term loosely applied to a male with an insatiable sexual appetite satyriasis Male hypersexuality.[] Satyriasis is a term describing pathologic hypersexuality in males. A 24 year-old male presented with satyriasis.[] […] and Etymology for satyriasis Late Latin, from Greek, from satyros Learn More about satyriasis Statistics for satyriasis More Definitions for satyriasis sa·ty·ri·a·sis \ ˌsāt-ə-ˈrī-ə-səs[]

  • Nymphomania

    ‘In the past, other labels such as nymphomania, satyriasis, and hyper-sexuality have been used.’[] Satyriasis. Hypersexuality in men. Nymphomania. Hypersexuality in Women.[] Satyriasis Nineteenth-century professional journals, medical textbooks, and encyclopedias often declared that satyriasis was the equivalent of nymphomania.[]

  • Psychosexual Disorder

    […] lesbianism, ego-dystonic 302.0 masochism 302.83 narcissism 302.89 necrophilia 302.89 nymphomania 302.89 pederosis 302.2 pedophilia 302.2 sadism 302.84 sadomasochism 302.84 satyriasis[] Forced abstinence causes sexual incompetence or / and excessive desire (satyriasis, nymphomania).[] Homosexuality, Men Homosexuality, women Lasciviousness, lustful Nymphomania Obscene Rape, ailments from Satyriasis Sexual abuse, ailments from Shameless Shameless, children[]

  • Vaginospasm


  • Synorchism

    […] also Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant Sarcomatosis Sarcosinemia E72.59 Sarcosporidiosis (intestinal) A07.8 Satiety, early R68.81 Saturnine - see condition Saturnism Satyriasis[]

  • Sarcosinemia

    Sarcosinemia 270.8 Sarcosporidiosis 136.5 Satiety early 780.94 Satisfactory smear but lacking transformation zone Saturnine condition Saturnism 984.9 Satyriasis 302.89 Sauriasis[]

  • Scrotal Elephantiasis

    The term was first coined by Celsus, as an alternative name for the illnesses sarcocele, leontiasis, and satyriasis. [ 5, 6 ] At present, complete eradication of the disease[]

  • Chronic Catarrhal Conjunctivitis

    Priapism ; satyriasis. Hard erections, with pain in testicles and up cord. Prostatic hypertrophy, especially in cases not too far advanced.[]

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