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114 Possible Causes for Scintillating Scotoma, Stroke

  • Migrainous Stroke

    The migraine scintillating scotoma is often depicted in migraine aura art . Thanks for reading![] Twenty-two patients with acute migraine-associated stroke were prospectively evaluated; 91% were female, and 23% had a prior history of presumed migrainous stroke.[] scotoma that fades within half an hour.[]

  • Migraine

    Most auras are visual and are described as bright shimmering lights around objects or at the edges of the field of vision (called scintillating scotomas) or zigzag lines,[] Weakness, seizures, ataxia, speech, or walking difficulties are more frequent in arterial ischaemic stroke (AIS).[] scotoma .[]

  • Migraine Headache Equivalent

    The classic scintillating scotoma with fortification spectrum is suggestive of migraine.[] Branson's incoherence fuelled internet speculation that she suffered an on-air stroke.[] scotoma is the most common symptom [11] which usually happens concurrently with Expanding Fortification Spectra. [12] Also frequently reported is monocular blindness. [13[]

  • Carotid Artery Dissection

    scotoma, which is loosely defined as a transient visual field disturbance in the form of shimmering or arcs of light) Pain is the initial symptom of a spontaneous internal[] Our study shows that CAD is an independent and significant causative factor for acute ischemic stroke.[] scotomas and periodic disturbances in the visual field.[]

  • Carotid Artery Occlusion

    The aetiology of perinatal arterial ischemic stroke remains speculative.[] At least 10 BP measurements during the first 48 h after stroke onset were obtained in 89 patients with ICA occlusion.[] Two strokes occurred in the immediate postoperative period (thromboembolic), two strokes occurred within days of ICA occlusion (hypoperfusion), and two strokes occurred at[]

  • Hemiplegic Migraine

    They were initially accompanied by scintillating scotomas that lasted 5 to 60 minutes.[] In our acute stroke unit admitting over three hundred suspected acute stroke cases over a period of one year (January - December 2004), there were two cases of hemiplegic[] Since early childhood, the patient had a poor balance, and from the age of 13 years, migraine with aura symptoms described as photosensitivity, scintillating scotomas, unilateral[]

  • Temporal Arteritis

    scotoma Carpal tunnel syndrome (5 %) or other peripheral neuropathies Physical examination of temporal arteritis Various signs are produced depending on the organ or vessel[] Ischemic stroke is a serious though relatively rare complication of GCA.[] With a mean follow-up of 5 years (range, 1-11 years), 6/39 (15%) of patients developed stroke or cardiovascular events or died compared with 7/39 (18%) of age-matched controls[]

  • Polycythemia Vera

    The most common symptoms are: headache, scintillating scotoma, impaired cognition, weakness, dizziness, itching, particularly after a bath or shower, paresthesias, extremity[] Stroke mechanism in PV is usually attributed to a hypercoagulability state and blood stasis.[] After the recurrent stroke event, hemoglobin levels increased gradually. Two years after the first stroke, a JAK2V-617F mutation was detected.[]

  • Horner's Syndrome

    Some four weeks earlier the patient developed a temporal scintillating scotoma in her right eye; this lasted 15-30 minutes.[] […] in middle cerebral artery strokes 6 7 8 and brain stem strokes 9 10 but not in the course of PCA stroke.[] (hemispheric) weakness, sensory deficit, homonymous hemianopia, diplopia, or ataxia No sensory or motor level (instead, hemiplegia) Brainstem stroke (lateral medullary syndrome[]

  • Vertebral Artery Dissection

    scotoma), in the last 3 months.[] We decided to treat acute stroke with intravenous thrombolytic therapy.[] Aetiology was classified using the Childhood Arterial Ischaemic Stroke Standardized Classification and Diagnostic Evaluation criteria.[]

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