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5,757 Possible Causes for scissure, Wheezing, X-Ray Abnormal

  • Acute Bronchitis

    Wheezing Other names Sibilant rhonchi The sound of wheezing as heard with a stethoscope Specialty Pulmonology A wheeze is a continuous, coarse, whistling sound produced in[] She has had a cough since November and had an X-ray examination this month, but no abnormality was found, media said.[] Tests may include: Chest x-ray, if your provider suspects pneumonia Pulse oximetry, a painless test that helps determine the amount of oxygen in your blood by using a device[]

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  • Hypersensitivity

    Wheeze or asthma was not associated with regular sports activity.[] In some cases, an abnormal finding on an X-ray done for another reason may uncover the lung damage caused by hypersensitivity pneumonitis.[] SUMMARY: About one week after starting prasugrel use following angioplasty and a stent revision procedure, a 61-year-old woman arrived in the emergency department with wheezing[]

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  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Up to 50% of children will have at least one viral-induced wheezing illness by school age.[] […] established on the basis of clinical investigations, according to the following definitions: community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) was defined by a new infiltrate on chest X-ray[] In addition, in the Tucson Children's Respiratory Study, compared with controls, infants who had wheezing LRTIs in their first year had lower respiratory conductances prior[]

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  • Asthma

    Future studies examining the early origins of asthma and wheezing need to account for the impact of prenatal maternal stress.[] (a) The chest x-ray shows an abnormal distension of the fundus of the stomach.[] When multiple types of wheezing were analysed, we divided the results into two groups: wheezing (sum of all different types) versus no wheezing.[]

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  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    We present an atypical case, with wheeze and symptomatic exacerbations typical of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.[] Chest CT may reveal abnormalities that are not apparent on the chest x-ray and may also suggest coexisting or complicating disorders, such as pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, or[] Symptoms are productive cough and dyspnea that develop over years; common signs include decreased breath sounds, prolonged expiratory phase of respiration, and wheezing.[]

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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Video methods developed for the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood were used to assess wheezing.[] METHODS: This is a case control study of children, age 4-6 years and grouped as: URI, (n   74), URI and wheezing, (URI-wheezing, n   52), and healthy controls (n   51).[] OBJECTIVE: We compared differences in functional consequences and health care utilization in middle school-age children, based on whether they reported wheezing triggered[]

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  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

    Current wheeze, in both the hospitalized patients and non-hospitalized children, was defined as a positive response to the question “Has your child had wheezing or whistling[] […] consistent with lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) on a chest X-ray relative to the most recent chest X-ray, as determined by the local radiologist.[] Chest x rays give some indication of whether the lungs are hyperinflated from an effort to move air in and out.[]

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  • Pulmonary Edema

    After extubation, the patient developed acute respiratory distress with high airway resistance accompanied with wheezing, oxyhemoglobin saturation (SpO2) decreased to 70%.[] A chest X-ray revealed bilateral pulmonary edema, and echocardiography revealed normal cardiac function, indicating that the pulmonary edema resulted from HBOT or neurogenic[] Associated symptoms included cough, weakness, expectoration of froth, chest discomfort, orthopnea, wheezing, hemoptysis, and dizziness.[]

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  • Chronic Bronchitis

    Wheezing Other names Sibilant rhonchi The sound of wheezing as heard with a stethoscope Specialty Pulmonology A wheeze is a continuous, coarse, whistling sound produced in[] ; pathogenic bacteria in the sputum; abnormal pulmonary function test results; and often chest x-ray signs of increased bronchial markings. interventions Patients with chronic[] Definitive diagnosis is made using spirometry, pulmonary function tests and abnormalities seen on chest X-ray. How is chronic bronchitis treated?[]

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  • Pulmonary Bullous Emphysema

    The radiological evidence of scissure in a target lobe site of the GEB is one of the keys to obtain good results with this procedure.[] Symptoms of paraseptal emphysema include: fatigue coughing wheezing shortness of breath In severe cases, paraseptal emphysema may result in a collapsed lung.[] Wheezing or gurgling sounds. Spirometry: Spirometry measures the volume and force of air as it is exhaled from the lungs.[]

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