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654 Possible Causes for Scleromalacia Perforans, Unilateral Blindness

  • Scleromalacia

    Scleromalacia perforans is a form of advanced scleromalacia .[] Treatment of Scleromalacia Perforans The usual treatment of Scleromalacia Perforans includes the use of both the topical and systemic medications.[] Scleromalacia perforans consists of scleral melting in a white, quiet eye.[]

  • Scleral Staphyloma

    Scleromalacia Perforans from long-standing bulbar conjunctival Rhinosporidiosis.[] Rheumatoid arthritis is the disease most commonly associated with scleromalacia perforans and with bilateral scleritis.[] perforans • Patients with seropositive rheumatoid arthritis • Painless scleral thinning and melting • Cause is ischemia Posterior scleritis • Inflammation with thickening[]

  • Secondary Glaucoma

    A 35-year-old one eyed female, a known case of scleromalacia perforans, presented with raised intraocular pressure on maximum medical treatment.[]

  • Occlusion of the Ophthalmic Artery

    Unilateral blindness occurring during anaesthesia for neurosurgical operations. AMA Arch Ophthalmol 1954; 52: 819-30. 6.[] , and in case of unilateral involvement, to save the other eye.[] This case highlights the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment of giant cell arteritis in order to prevent the blinding complications like ophthalmic artery occlusion[]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans
  • Glaucoma

    This study aimed to determine the association between advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and glaucoma based on the known synergism between oxidative stress with AGEs and the evidence of oxidative stress during glaucomatous neurodegeneration. The extent and cellular localization of immunolabeling for AGEs and[…][]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans
  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    We present three patients with a clinical course and cerebrospinal fluid findings consistent with a diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS). Extensive and repeated magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations showed only diffuse abnormality in brain and spinal cord, but no focal lesions. We propose[…][]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans
  • Carotid Embolism

    We herein present a case of an internal carotid artery embolism associated with a hidden internal carotid artery aneurysm. The aneurysm was visualized during successful endovascular treatment of the carotid embolism. In retrospect, the aneurysm was at risk of rupture during the procedure. In the endovascular[…][]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans
  • Carotid Artery Occlusion

    Symptomatic common carotid artery (CCA) occlusion is relatively rare, and requires an elaborate vascular reconstruction procedure with which many neurosurgeons are unfamiliar. We describe a case of CCA occlusion managed by vertebral artery (VA)-internal carotid artery (ICA) saphenous vein interposition graft. An[…][]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans
  • Cavernous Sinus Aneurysm

    Triad of unilateral blindness, orbital fractures and massive epistaxis’ after head injury. J. Neurosurg., 1961;18: 837. 5. Mahmoud, NA.[]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans
  • Cataract

    This information was developed by the National Eye Institute to help patients and their families search for general information about cataracts. An eye care professional who has examined the patient’s eyes and is familiar with his or her medical history is the best person to answer specific questions. Cataract[…][]

    Missing: Scleromalacia Perforans

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