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408 Possible Causes for Scoliosis, Snoring

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    The patient was a 17-year-old girl with growth retardation, hearing loss, and severe skeletal dysplasia(scoliosis and chicken breast), and was evaluated to have normal nervous[] […] patient had severe infantile global neurodevelopmental delays, macrocephaly with a prominent forehead, coarse facial features with clear corneas, chronic congestion with snoring[] Affected individuals usually present with unusual skeletal features including short trunk dwarfism, odontoid hypoplasia, pectus carinatum, kyphosis, gibbus, scoliosis, genu[]

  • Klippel-Feil Syndrome

    "Scoliosis" is potentially the most common manifestation associated with KFS.[] Other causes of his sleep apnea such as chronic sinusitis, snoring, and evening alcohol intake must also be taken into consideration.[] This case is a 10 year old boy with KFS presenting with cosmetic blemish and scoliosis.[]

  • Achondroplasia

    Bony characteristics such as vertebral anomalies, lordosis and lumbar scoliosis, limited mouth opening and cervical spine instability make the administration of anesthesia[] Sleep-related symptoms (snoring, mouth breathing, cyanosis, observed apneas, excessive sweating, enuresis, problems of initiating and maintaining sleep) were present in 18[] Our case was a 26-year-old woman with achondroplasia who had scoliosis and osteoporosis.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 4A

    MPS-IVA commonly manifests in form of kyphosis or gibbus, scoliosis, pectus carinatum, genu valgum, gait disturbances and frequent falls, but the clinical presentation varies[] Skeletal deformities (platyspondyly, kyphosis, scoliosis, pectus carinatum , genu valgum , long bone deformities) become more pronounced as the child grows.[] History of snoring, daytime somnolence and stridor may indicate airway obstruction [10] . History of snoring was present in our case.[]

  • Mucolipidosis

    Bone manifestations of ML II include hip dysplasia, scoliosis, rickets and osteogenesis imperfecta.[] OSA or who snore is common. hx of mucopolysaccharidoses Commonly associated with OSA. hx of GORD Commonly ...[] The clinical symptoms include progressive joint stiffness, short stature, and scoliosis.[]

  • Baclofen

    Scoliosis is commonly found in children with cerebral palsy. Many patients with cerebral palsy and scoliosis undergo intrathecal baclofen (ITB) pump placement.[] The research also suggests that OSA is commonly undiagnosed among people who snore.[] We report a case of ITB pump implantation in the prone position for a CP patient who exhibited uncontrollable opisthotonus with severe scoliosis.[]

  • Chondromyxoid Fibroma

    Dormans or an immediate family member serves as a board member, owner, officer, or committee member of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, the Scoliosis Research[] CASE REPORT 48-year old male, white patient, with complaint of night snores and progressive left nasal obstruction and history of previous nasal surgery for nasal tumor excision[]

  • Ranitidine

    In addition to the above procedures, participants who are not enrolled in study 00-I-0159 have a baseline scoliosis series and genetic consult.[] The research also suggests that OSA is commonly undiagnosed among people who snore.[]

  • Gigantism

    Voice is hoarse and affected individuals have a plump, stocky body with pectus excavatum, thoracic scoliosis, hepatosplenomegaly, umbilical and/or inguinal hernias, broad[] The enlarged tongue also causes heavy snoring, drooling, and difficulties with speech and chewing.[] Your tongues gets big; that's why you snore a lot and get sleep apnea. And then your organs get big. How does the pituitary adenoma arise?[]

  • Surgical Procedure

    All patients improved in two-year health-related quality-of-life scores; revision subjects had lower overall improvement (Scoliosis Research Society [SRS] score; p 0.016)[] Palatal implants Palatal implants may be effective in some people with snoring or mild sleep apnea.[] A 57-year-old woman with adult scoliosis and junctional kyphosis underwent a pedicle subtraction osteotomy and long spinal fusion from T3 to the sacrum.[]

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