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1,268 Possible Causes for Screaming

  • Parasomnia

    If you have ever been told by friends or a bed partner that you talk or scream in your sleep, thrash around, kick your legs about, or sleepwalk, then you may have a sleep[] "I spent Sunday screaming for help, but no help came," she said. She kept on screaming, and help finally came on Tuesday after a woman living nearby heard her.[] They include sleep walking, becoming violent during sleep, fighting in sleep, or fearful screaming. Contact Dr.[]

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    […] mother explained that any time her husband got home from work on Wednesday evening and saw the trash cans still at the base of the driveway, he would become enraged and scream[] Philip screams with all his might, catches at the cloth, but then that makes matters worse again.[]

  • Vocal Cord Nodule

    Polyps are also caused by overuse or misuse of the voice such as singing, screaming, shouting or excessive talking.[] Some of the preventive measures that can be taken are: Avoid screaming Proper eating habits to avoid infection Speaking in a normal range and avoiding straining the vocal[] Treatment Traditional standard of care management of vocal cord nodules is voice therapy and avoidance of any activities leading to voice abuse (screaming, yelling, etc).[]

  • Tics

    Eventually, you’ll probably just collapse under the pressure and turn into a screaming ball of creaking joints. Well done![] Twirling in circles Walking on toes Belching Clicking Coughing Gasping Grunting Gurgling Gutteral sounds Hiccupping Hissing Honking Misc. noises Moaning Noisy breathing Puffing Screaming[] In France in 1825, 60 years before Tourette syndrome was defined as a discrete phenomenon, Marquise de Dampierre, a noblewoman who twitched and jerked uncontrollably and screamed[]

  • Overeating

    Take the book Into the Wild —when the main character can't find food, his hunger drives him to a screaming, shake-his-fist-at-the-heavens rage, a stark example of the primal[] “We’ve all seen the screaming kid who will only be quieted down by candy.[]

  • Night Terrors

    They usually happen two to three hours into sleep and often see sufferers start to scream and thrash around in bed.[] Night terrors, or sleep terrors, are a parasomnia condition in which the subject reacts to a foreboding sense of fear or terror by screaming, thrashing around or crying.[] We picked him up and he kept screaming. We changed his nappy, he kept screaming. We tried feeding him and winding him and checking his teeth, but he kept screaming.[]

  • Breath-Holding Spell

    The child may then gasp and start crying or screaming. Or, he or she may even lose consciousness and start breathing again.[] Typically, the child cries or screams and then stops breathing. The skin then begins to turn blue, particularly around the lips, which is caused by a shortage of oxygen.[] Some attacks result from hyperactive normal reflexes, such as slowing of the heart rate when the eyes are rubbed, or when the child tries to breathe or scream against a closed[]

  • Voice Overuse

    Overuse, misuse, lack of air support, straining, screaming, excessive clearing of the throat, excessive coughing or even choking on a piece of food, if ignored, can lead to[] And define "toned down," what with the screaming outbursts. Joe screams a lot, but he's still a cartoon character.[] Avoid yelling, screaming, and talking in noisy places and events such as parks and little league games. 3. During workouts, breathe slowly and avoid grunting. 4.[]

  • Urinary Tract Disease

    Some children rebel (scream and cry) when potty training. Reassurance is useful, but not all children can be potty trained at one particular age.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Some children rebel (scream and cry) when potty training. Reassurance is useful, but not all children can be potty trained at one particular age.[]

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