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112 Possible Causes for Secondary Glaucoma, Visual Field Test Abnormal

  • Glaucoma

    Abstract We have reviously described surgical techniues for draining severe cases of secondary glaucoma by means of an artificial implant.[] (The visual field is the area of space a person can see at a given instant without moving the eyes.) These abnormalities may be an early sign of disease.[] Secondary glaucoma occurs due to a known cause. Both open- and closed-angle glaucoma can be secondary when caused by something known.[]

  • Open-Angle Glaucoma

    Conditions such as inflammation or trauma can contribute to elevated intraocular pressure in secondary glaucoma, whereas congenital abnormalities of the trabecular meshwork[] Your doctor also may use a variety of non-invasive laser technologies to examine the optic nerve in your eye and perform a visual field test to detect abnormalities in your[] Standard increment threshold fields and high-pass resolution visual fields had an agreement of abnormality of 67%.[]

  • Angle Closure Glaucoma

    Neovascular glaucoma: secondary angle closure glaucoma with rubeosis iridis. Neovascular glaucoma: secondary angle closure glaucoma with rubeosis iridis.[] Causes What is the cause of secondary angle closure glaucoma (SACG)? In secondary angle closure glaucoma, the natural drainage angle is 'narrow.'[] To report the management of a case of bilateral secondary angle closure glaucoma with isolated microspherophakia and right subluxated lens in a middle aged lady.[]

  • Secondary Glaucoma

    Such tumors are rare in non-white races and secondary glaucoma is an uncommon presentation.[] One of the complications of vitreoretinal surgery is secondary glaucoma.[] Steroid-induced glaucoma was found in only 8.9% of the secondary glaucoma eyes.[]

  • Retinal Hemorrhage

    […] angle closure glaucoma, serous or hemorrhagic retinal detachments and retinal vein occlusion. 4,11 Treatment and management Treatment and management of RAMs depend on the[] 20 Chronic macular edema and dense long-standing exudates can also cause a permanent loss of best corrected visual acuity. 4,8 Additional reported complications include secondary[]

  • Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

    Peripheral iris cysts may produce angle closure and may cause secondary angle-closure glaucoma.[] Report a case of acute angle closure glaucoma secondary to a choroidal melanoma.[] It took more than 10 days for the bleeding to build up to bullous hemorrhagic retinal detachment and secondary glaucoma.[]

  • Malignant Glioma

    Int J Mol Sci. 2017 Feb 10;18(2). pii: E350. doi: 10.3390/ijms18020350. Author information 1 Institute of Life Sciences, Chongqing Medical University, 1 Yixueyuan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 400016, China. 2 Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University,[…][]

  • Retinal Perforation

    One case with silicone oil tamponade had secondary glaucoma that was controlled with topical antiglaucoma medication.[] field testing (i.e., the confrontation visual field examination) abnormality Defect in visual pathway Sudden vision loss Central retinal artery occlusion; retinal detachment[] Secondary glaucoma associated with retained perfluorophenanthrene. Am J Ophthalmol 1994;118:253-5. 43. de Queiroz JM, Jr., Blanks JC, Ozler SA, et al.[]

  • Migraine

    glaucoma Enucleated – Fragmented None None No 56 22 8 Retinal cancer Enucleated – Fragmented None None No 34 32 3 Congenital syphilis, secondary glaucoma Enucleated – Fragmented[] glaucoma (one case).[] […] done due to retinal detachment caused by retinal prematurity resulting from neonatal overexposure to oxygen (two cases), retinal cancer (one case), or congenital syphilis/secondary[]

  • Primary Optic Atrophy

    Glaucomas (see also: Lens-induced Glaucomas) Radius-Maumenee Syndrome Trauma (Injury) and Secondary Glaucomas Uveitis and Secondary Glaucomas Visual Fields Hypertensive Retinopathy[] Learning assessment Facilitate case discussion to achieve learning objectives Clinical skills can be tested via practicum of visual field, OCT and fundus photography Knowledge[] With this information, it is possible to correlate the degree of slimming within these layers to abnormalities in the visual fields.[]

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