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484 Possible Causes for Secondary Malnutrition

  • Vomiting of Pregnancy

    PURPOSE: Symptoms of nausea and vomiting are commonly experienced during early pregnancy (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy or NVP) and have been associated with stress, anxiety, and depression in pregnancy. However, nausea and vomiting in late pregnancy is a little-studied phenomenon. The purpose of our study[…][]

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    Steven B. Karch, MD, FFFLM CRC Press, ٢١‏/١٢‏/٢٠٠٦ - 1288 من الصفحات Following the well-received first edition, the Drug Abuse Handbook, Second Edition is a thorough compendium of the knowledge of the pharmacological, medical, and legal aspects of drugs. The book examines criminalistics, pathology, pharmacokinetics,[…][]

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Background A promising approach to the treatment of chronic ischaemic heart disease and congestive heart failure is the use of stem cells. The last decade has seen a plethora of randomised controlled trials developed worldwide, which have generated conflicting results.[…][]

  • Brandt Syndrome

    Acrodermatitis acidemica secondary to malnutrition in glutaric aciduria type I. Eur J Dermatol. 2001 May-Jun. 11(3):244-6. [Medline]. Van Wouwe JP.[]

  • Protein Losing Enteropathy

    Synthetic dysfunction itself can be seen in liver disease or as a result of inadequate precursors (ie, malnutrition or malabsorption).[] In addition, hypoalbuminemia may be secondary to synthetic dysfunction or excessive catabolism rather than the result of increased losses.[]

  • Secondary Malnutrition

    Secondary malnutrition is undernutrition caused by some underlying disease or disorder.[] Key words: Asymptomatic masqueraders, Malnutrition, Secondary[] Results: Height/age Conclusions: Rates of chronic and acute secondary malnutrition in our GI Department reached one fifth of the cases studied.[]

  • Niemann-Pick Disease

    Niemann-Pick group of diseases are rare lysosomal storage disorders. The clinical phenotype is variable. We report a child who first time presented with tremors of tongue and tremors of one side of the body. On examination child had hemiparesis and hepatosplenomegaly. Bone marrow examination shows storage cells[…][]

  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

    Toxic epidermal necrolysis is a dangerous drug-induced skin lesion characterized by extensive, mucocutaneous blistering. Toxic epidermal necrolysis usually begins with flu-like prodrome, with a high-grade fever, sore-throat, cough, runny nose, redness of eyes, decreased appetite, malaise, arthralgia, myalgia, and[…][]

  • Amebiasis

    Amebiasis is an infection of the intestines. It is caused by the microscopic parasite Entamoeba histolytica. E. histolytica can live in the large intestine (colon) without causing damage to the intestine. In some cases, it invades the colon wall, causing colitis, acute dysentery, or long-term (chronic) diarrhea. The[…][]

  • Hookworm Infection

    Causal Agent: The human hookworms include the nematode species, Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus. Life Cycle: Eggs are passed in the stool, and under favorable conditions (moisture, warmth, shade), larvae hatch in 1 to 2 days. The released rhabditiform larvae grow in the feces and/or the soil, and[…][]

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