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2 Possible Causes for See also Autosomal Dominant Sick Sinus Syndrome - 163800

  • Lenegre Disease

    -3 (LQT3, 603830); Allelic disorder is Brugada syndrome (601144); See also autosomal dominant sick sinus syndrome (163800) MOLECULAR BASIS: Caused by mutation in the sodium[] Heterozygous mutation carriers may show first-degree heart block or conduction delay MISCELLANEOUS: Onset in utero, infancy, or early childhood; Allelic disorder is long QT syndrome[]

  • Familial Sick Sinus Syndrome

    Adrienne Craig About 2 years ago, I developed a severe case of vaginal yeast infection that would not let up. The itching, burning and swelling of my labia were simply unbearable. I have purchased several over-the-counter treatments, including Monistat cream to subside the symptoms. While it worked initially,[…][]

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