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148 Possible Causes for Seizure, Uric Acid Increased, Vomiting without Nausea

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Other conditions that may cause vitamin B1 deficiency include: HIV/AIDS Cancers that have spread throughout the body Extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy ( hyperemesis[] Report of a case of SESA syndrome: a rare CNS complication of chronic alcoholism, known since 1981 and characterized by epileptic seizures, multiple and reversible neurological[] Gout Gout is a type of arthritis caused by the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints. It can be very painful.[]

  • Preeclampsia

    Swelling of face or hands A headache that will not go away Seeing spots or changes in eyesight Pain in the upper abdomen or shoulder Nausea and vomiting (in the second half[] We report the case of a patient with pre-eclampsia who developed seizures after more than 2 days of delivery.[] Uric acid. Increased uric acid in the blood is often the earliest laboratory finding related to preeclampsia.[]

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    […] patches on the skin Nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain Coughing or shortness of breath Headaches, concentration problems, personality changes Symptoms of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma[] acid.[] […] trachea) or its branches Abdominal pain or swelling, leading to loss of appetite, constipation, nausea, and vomiting Headache, concentration problems, personality changes, or seizures[]

  • Heat Stroke

    Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion include nausea , vomiting , fatigue , weakness , headache , muscle cramps and aches, and dizziness .[] […] an excessive increase in body temperature in a relatively short period of time, and is clinically characterized by central nervous system dysfunction, including delirium, seizures[] Within 24 hrs, the levels of serum uric acid in both patients decreased dramatically, and their creatinine levels decreased and urine output increased concurrently.[]

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and altered mental status are the most prominent symptoms, being found in approximately 25 to 37% of patients ( 39 ).[] Acute alcohol intoxication resulted in more repetitive ambulance transports than either seizure disorder or respiratory illness.[] […] in order) thiamine and Mg 2 multivitamin B12/folate IV fluids dextrose Begin CIWA and benzodiazepine taper if signs of withdrawal Do not administer medications that lower seizure[]

  • Lead Poisoning

    , vomiting, or other gastrointestinal upset. 1 There are no data on the proportion of clinicians who screen for elevated blood lead levels in children without symptoms. 1[] We report the case of a 23-month-old male with hypotonia, developmental delay, and complex seizures.[] The effects of lead are well known and range from delayed and adversely affected neurodevelopment to severe health outcomes including seizures, coma, and death.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    A highly intoxicated patient may become combative without realizing what is happening. Nausea and vomiting are common side effects of excess intoxication.[] His seizures resolved without recurrence after correcting the diabetic ketoacidosis.[] […] lowering uric acid levels prevented the increase in mean arterial blood pressure ( 40 ).[]

  • Essential Hypertension

    Symptoms may include: Severe headache Nausea and vomiting Confusion Vision changes Nosebleeds Exams and Tests Diagnosing high blood pressure early can help prevent heart disease[] […] of patients with childhood hypertension. 4 – 6 Patients with severe cases of childhood hypertension are also at increased risk of developing hypertensive encephalopathy, seizures[] Elevated uric acid increases blood pressure in the rat by a novel crystal-independent mechanism. Hypertension 2001; 38 : 1101–1106. 19.[]

  • Hyponatremia

    Definition of hyponatremia based on symptoms Moderate: any degree of hyponatremia associated with moderately severe symptoms of hyponatremia: nausea without vomiting, confusion[] Post-transplant seizures are uncommon in young kidney transplant recipients but can be harbingers of devastating outcomes such as cerebral edema and death.[] […] exhibit increased serum uric acid levels (greater than 0.3 mmol/L). 25 In contrast, in patients with SIADH, serum uric acid levels are actually depressed (less than 0.24[]

  • Gout

    In patients who report symptoms that may indicate acute uric acid nephropathy including flank pain, nausea or vomiting, interrupt treatment and measure serum creatinine promptly[] […] while in those instances where the disease was limited to one part the terms used bore reference to such locality; hence podagra ( ποδάγρα, from πούς, the foot, and ἄγρα, a seizure[] The uric acid level in the plasma and other extracellular fluids increases in case of a positive uric acid balance.[]

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