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783 Possible Causes for Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Spina Bifida

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    Occasionally Chiari patients will have sensorineural hearing loss (Hendrix, 1992; Kumar et al, 2002).[] ) (recurrent) 553.9 Hydrancephaly 742.3 with spina bifida (see also Spina bifida) 741.0 Hydranencephaly 742.3 with spina bifida (see also Spina bifida) 741.0 Hydrocephalus[] Google Scholar Brocklehurst, G.: A quantitative study of a spina bifida foetus. J. Path. 99: 205–211, 1969.[]

  • Cleft Palate

    Exclusion criteria were cleft repair at an outside hospital, intact secondary palate, absence of postpalatoplasty speech evaluation, sensorineural or mixed hearing loss, no[] We report on the prenatal diagnosis of a 2q36.1q36.3 interstitial deletion in a fetus with facial dysmorphism, spina bifida, and cleft palate.[] . — Kavita Das, Longreads, "Recovering My Fifth Sense," 29 Jan. 2018 But [the child] also had spina bifida, scoliosis, a cleft palate that exposed her brain through her eye[]

  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    To present the rare case of a young boy with idiopathic intracranial hypertension presenting with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss developing over several months.[] Developments in prenatal and postnatal care for children with spina bifida aperta].[] Workup of a 9-year-old boy with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, including (among others) physical examination, audiometry, diagnostic imaging, and lumbar puncture.[]

  • Bacterial Meningitis

    In this paper we present a boy with recurrent bacterial meningitis with the history of trauma and sensorineural hearing loss.[] bifida A history of epidural steroid injections or other invasive spinal procedures Cochlear implants Alcohol use disorder Smoking, or exposure to second-hand smoke Symptoms[] We herein describe the case of a 3-year-old girl with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss who presented with three independent episodes of bacterial meningitis within 8 []

  • Basilar Skull Fracture

    CSF leak, sensorineural hearing loss, cranial nerve palsies etc...) will depend on the location of the fracture.[] Camp Krazy Legs : An overnight camp for children and teens with spina bifida.[] Transverse temporal fractures tend to injure cranial nerve VIII causing permanent sensorineural hearing loss as well as nystagmus and ataxia.[]

  • Hydrocephalus

    Abstract We describe the case of a man whose initial clinical presentation included sensorineural hearing loss and orthostatic hypotension.[] ) (recurrent) 553.9 Hydrancephaly 742.3 with spina bifida (see also Spina bifida) 741.0 Hydranencephaly 742.3 with spina bifida (see also Spina bifida) 741.0 Hydrocephalus[] […] as spina bifida “aperta”, or “open” spina bifida, or spina bifida cystica Spina bifida occulta is considered the mildest type of spina bifida, as there may be little or no[]

  • Cerebral Palsy

    There were 720 survivors, of whom 34 had sensorineural hearing loss requiring amplification.[] bifida, or any other identified delay of 25% or more.[] He said the technology could be beneficial to patients with spina bifida and muscular dystrophy in the future.[]

  • Turner Syndrome

    OBJECTIVE: Turner syndrome is a well-known cause of sensorineural hearing loss, and the lack of estrogen has been implicated in cochlear dysfunction.[] bifida, anencephaly, etc).[] Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) was the most common type of HL, most often characterised by a high-frequency loss and/or a mid-frequency dip.[]

  • Klein-Waardenburg Syndrome

    It is considered as a severe form of type 1, or classic Waardenburg syndrome, characterized by sensorineural hearing loss, dystopia canthorum, and heterochromia iridis.[] Very rarely, and in this family unfortunately, you'll see children born with cleft palate or spina bifida.[] Abstract Waardenburg syndrome type I (WS-I) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by sensorineural hearing loss, dystopia canthorum, pigmentary disturbances, and[]

  • Meningovascular Syphilis

    Audiograms revealed severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss on the left and severe sensorineural hearing loss on the right.[] bifida, meningocele, meningomylocele, diastematomyelia, sacralization, lumbarization, spondylolisthesis) Spinal cord compression Spinal cord diseases Spinal cord and spinal[] hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo due to involvement of inner ear structures 4,13 occurs months to years after infection 13 Late neurosyphilis general paresis (or general[]

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