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341 Possible Causes for Sexual Dysfunction, Thigh Pain

  • Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome

    This syndrome causes muscle weakness (particularly in the legs), fatigue, dry mouth, drooping eyelids, and pain in the upper arms and thighs.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    dysfunction [ 8–10 ].[] While you're waiting for your infection to subside, try applying a heating pad to your lower abdomen or between your thighs to help alleviate some of the pain.[] […] prostatitis as a cause of candiduria usually presents with lower abdominal discomfort, pressure posterior to the symphysis pubis or in the perineum, anorectal dysesthesia, or sexual[]

  • Osteoporosis

    This high level of sexual dysfunction may simply reflect people's expectations and feelings of inadequacy in the light of the escalating sexualisation of our culture, they[] pain), and dental problems asking about adherence to treatment, including following the recommended method of taking the treatment discussing alternative treatment options[] If you are having treatment with bisphosphonates and you get hip, thigh or groin pain, you should see your doctor because you may need an X-ray to check for fractures.[]

  • Herniated Disc

    The nerve damage can result in loss of bowel and bladder control, as well as sexual dysfunction. If you have these symptoms, seek medical care right away.[] Abstract A 76-year-old woman presented with an extremely rare case of symptomatic gas-containing disc herniation manifesting as left posterolateral thigh pain and ankle dorsiflexion[] If the herniated disc is in the lower back, the patient will have severe pain along the buttocks, thigh and calf. It may also radiate till the foot.[]

  • Sexual Dysfunction

    Sexual dysfunction in unmarried women may vary depending on the individuals sexual sexual lifestyles.[] The pain might radiate to the perineum and inner thigh and can be exacerbated by cycling and horse riding. ...[] Sexual dysfunction is a key adverse effect leading to medication noncompliance.[]

  • Femoral Neuropathy

    Sexual dysfunction. Autonomic neuropathy often damages the nerves that affect the sex organs. Men may experience erectile dysfunction.[] We describe a 58-year-old man who had progressive thigh pain, weakness, and numbness develop 13 years after cementless arthroplasty of his left hip.[] RESULTS: All six patients had thigh weakness and atrophy, and four complained of leg pain.[]

  • Arachnoiditis

    Other symptoms include lower limbs weakness and bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction Causes: Infection, intrathecal steroids or anaesthetics, intrathecal haemorrhage, trauma[] I too have problems sitting because of nerve pain in my buttocks and thighs. I find a Tempur cushion a great help. My feet are very painful too.[] dysfunction If the disease progresses, symptoms may become more severe or even permanent.[]

  • Lumbar Disk Herniation

    CONCLUSION: This review offers an insight into the extent of micturition dysfunction, defecation dysfunction and sexual dysfunction (SD) in CES after decompression.[] T12-L1 Pain in inguinal region and medial thigh None L1-2 Pain in anterior and medial aspect of upper thigh Slight weakness in quadriceps; slightly diminished suprapatellar[] […] of your pain.[]

  • Dutasteride

    The dichotomous outcomes included surgery risk and the rate of sexual dysfunction.[] […] trouble getting or maintaining an erection painful ejaculation blood in your urine or semen frequent pain or stiffness in your lower back, hips, or upper thighs Disclaimer[] However, finasteride and dutasteride have also been shown to produce an increase in the incidence of sexual dysfunction, namely, impotence, decreased libido, and ejaculation[]

  • Lumbosacral Plexus Disorder

    Bowel and bladder symptoms and sexual dysfunction can occur with involvement of sacral nerve roots.[] Pain may be also experienced in the lower back. Weakness and wasting of thigh and leg muscles follow within days to weeks.[] The clinical picture of the sacral plexus lesion is characterized by intense pain in the sacrum, buttocks, perineum, on the back of the thighs, legs, plantar surface of the[]

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