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35 Possible Causes for sheave

  • Shock

    […] undergo a physical or nervous shock c : to subject to the action of an electrical discharge 2 : to drive by or as if by a shock : a thick bushy mass (as of hair) : a pile of sheaves[] Common uses [ edit ] Collective noun [ edit ] Shock, a historic commercial term for a group of 60, see English numerals#Specialized numbers Stook , or shock of grain, stacked sheaves[]

  • Phlegmon

    Hypodermic phlegmon of a brush The Fastsialny connecting cover shrouding various bodies, muscles, sheaves and bones settles down and in deep layers, and hypodermically.[] Brush phlegmon in the field of average palmar space The Fastsialny fabrics shrouding muscles, sinews and sheaves are soyedinitelnotkanny covers therefore course of inflammatory[]

  • Crystalluria

    'Sheaves of wheat' crystals, typical of sulphadiazine crystalluria, were present in the urine. One patient required a percutaneous nephrostomy.[] Ciprofloxacin ‘needles’ ( A ), ‘sheaves’ ( B ), ‘stars’ ( C ) and bizarre shape ( D ). A , C and D : phase contrast microscopy; B : bright field microscopy.[] […] occurs after a median of 10 days in HIV negative subjects at a cumulative sulphadiazine dose of 40 g. 2 Microscopy of freshly voided urine commonly shows characteristic “sheaves[]

  • Bletilla

    […] it has to do with the size of their blooms, or their limited blooming period, but their contribution to the garden continues through the fall with their pleated, arching sheaves[]

  • Ganglioneuroma

    In: Sheaves R, Jenkins PJ, Wass JA, editors. Clinical Endocrine Oncology. Oxford, United Kingdom: Blackwell Science; 1997. p. 306-11. 7. Hayes FA, Green AA, Rao BN.[]

  • Bile Duct Stricture

    […] pseudostratification. [11] Features which favor thermal artifact include elongated, stromal-like bizarre cells arranged singly or in loose clusters and stacks resembling sheaves[]

  • Pegvisomant

    Sheaves R. A history of acromegaly. Pituitary. 1999;2:7-28. Additional Information[] Sheaves R, Jenkins P, Blackburn P, et al. Outcome of transsphenoidal surgery for acromegaly using strict criteria for surgical cure.[]

  • Dysphoric Mood

    CrossRef Google Scholar Sheaves, Bryony Bebbington, Paul E. Goodwin, Guy M. Harrison, Paul J. Espie, Colin A. Foster, Russell G. and Freeman, Daniel 2016.[]

  • Ocular Siderosis

    In later stage development of a cataract is possible. sometimes a crystalline lens incomplete dislocation in connection with a degeneration of tsinnovy sheaves.[]

  • Pineocytoma

    In some cases, ultrastructural evidence of photoreceptor differentiation, such as synaptic ribbons, microtubular sheaves, and cilia, is observed.[]

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