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57 Possible Causes for Shifting Abdominal Dullness

  • Ascites

    Physical examination revealed abdominal tenderness and distension with shifting dullness. Urticarial skin rash was noted on the face, neck, chest and abdomen.[] Your physician may look for "shifting dullness" to check if abdominal sounds change as the abdominal fluid moves.[] Signs include shifting dullness (detected by abdominal percussion) and a fluid wave. Volumes 1500 mL may not cause physical findings.[]

  • Malignant Ascites

    Upon closer examination of the abdomen, patients with malignant ascites may have increased dullness to percussion or shifting dullness.[] Patients can complain of increasing abdominal girth, generalized abdominal pain and shortness of breath.[]

  • Chylous Ascites

    On physical examination, there was marked abdominal distension with hypoactive or reduced bowel sound, with positive fluid thrill and shifting dullness.[] On physical examination, profound pitting oedema (4 ) in the extremities and tautness of the abdominal wall with flattening of the umbilicus and positive shifting dullness[] Shifting dullness was present on abdominal examination without tenderness or hepatosplenomegaly.[]

  • Pancreatic Ascites

    Frequently, the physical examination will reveal abdominal distension, shifting dullness, and flank dullness.[] Frequently, the physical examination will reveal abdominal distention, shifting dullness, and flank dullness.[] They may also lose proteins in their abdominal cavity from the ascites and may develop ankle swelling or anasarca.[]

  • Peritoneal Disease

    Fluid within the peritoneum (ascites) may be suggested by shifting dullness on percussion of the abdominal wall, or by the detection of a fluid wave when one hand depresses[] […] girth, lower extremity edema , fluid wave, and shifting dullness Manage with *restricted sodium intake, restricted fluid intake, diuretics (spironolactone, furosemide) High[] […] abdomen is tapped with a percussing finger (the patient will wince, guard the abdomen, and complain that the percussion is very painful); it may also be evident when the abdominal[]

  • Complication of Peritoneal Dialysis

    Physical examination revealed tachycardia, abdominal distension without a fluid wave or shifting dullness, and diffuse tenderness to palpation.[] Abdominal xray showed a non-obstructive bowel gas pattern.[]

  • Rare Arteriovenous Malformation

    Abdominal exam showed gross hepatosplenomegaly and positive shifting dullness. Chest and precordium exams were normal.[]

  • Ovarian Adenoma

    A positive fluid thrill and negative shifting dullness suggesting encysted intra-abdominal fluid. There was no organomegaly. The bowel sound are positive but distant.[] […] notes, transmitted thrill and shifting dullness clinical tests [2].Occasionally, patients present to outpatient clinic with increasing abdominal distension which may be misinterpreted[] Local abdominal examination revealed a symmetrical gross abdominal distension (Figure 1,2), soft, dull percussion notes throughout the abdomen.[]

  • Presinusoidal Portal Hypertension

    […] swelling (if tense, can impair respiration and food intake), early satiety, enlargement of inguinal/periumbilical hernias; shifting dullness on abdominal percussion when[] Patients with ascites develop physical examination findings of increasing abdominal girth, a fluid wave, a ballotable liver, and shifting dullness.[] […] use IV somatostatin (splanchnic vasoconstrictor); then prescribe beta-blockers on discharge; if uncontrollable bleeding: emergent TIPS ascites: clinical presentation, exam abdominal[]

  • Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

    […] tenderness a sign of peritonitis flank dullness shifting dullness fluid wave Evaluation Diagnostic paracentesis serum ascities albumin gradient (SAAG) 1.1 SBP most commonly[] His abdomen was distended, with shifting dullness.[] Physical exam findings suggestive of ascites include dullness to percussion over the flanks or shifting dullness. A fluid wave may also be present.[]

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