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106 Possible Causes for Short, Curved Forearms

  • Genee-Wiedemann Syndrome

    […] growth Growth deficiency Growth failure Growth retardation Poor growth Retarded growth [ more ] 0001510 Low-set ears Low set ears Lowset ears [ more ] 0000369 Micropenis Short[] Low-set ears ; Malar flattening ; Micrognathia ; Micropenis ; Midgut malrotation ; Pectus excavatum ; Postnatal growth retardation ; Pyloric stenosis ; Radioulnar synostosis ; Short[] […] certain fingers and /or toes Underdevelopment of the ulna (bones on the "pinkie" side) and the radius (bones on the thumb side) causing the forearms to appear unusually short[]

  • Microcephalic Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism Type II

    To date, the genetic basis of Dubowitz syndrome (short stature, microcephaly, facial abnormalities, eczema) is unknown and vascular complications are not known to be associated[] […] of inner forearm bone 0003031 Upslanted palpebral fissure Upward slanting of the opening between the eyelids 0000582[] […] five-year-old Colombian boy of mixed race ancestry (mestizo), with clinical features of microcephaly, prominent and narrow nose, arched palate, amelogenesis imperfecta, short[]

  • Leri-Weill Dyschondrosteosis

    Short stature is a common pediatric problem. It may occur rarely as a result of genetic disorders.[] 0002986 Short tibia Short shinbone Short skankbone [ more ] 0005736 Tibial bowing Bowed shankbone Bowed shinbone [ more ] 0002982 Ulnar bowing Curving of inner forearm bone[] OBJECTIVE: The frequency of SHOX mutations in children with idiopathic short stature (ISS) has been found to be variable.[]

  • Mesomelic Dysplasia Type Langer

    We present an 11-yr-old with combined TS and LMD with severe short stature and skeletal deformities.[] […] leg (the tibia) are unusually short, thick, and curved.[] Radiological studies indicated mesomelia, markedly curved radii, hypoplastic ulnas and fibulas, and metaphyseal splaying in the infant, and borderline to mild curvature of[]

  • Brachydactyly

    The most notable finding in this patient with brachydactyly is the short 5th metacarpal. The 4th metacarpal is also short.[] […] of the pinkie finger 0004209 Distal symphalangism of hands Fused outermost bones of hand 0001204 Hypoplasia of the ulna Underdeveloped inner large forearm bone 0003022 Scoliosis[] The phenotype consists of short humerus, curved radius with accessory ossification centre at the proximal third of ulna, variable short stature and brachydactyly, and has[]

  • SHORT Syndrome

    SHORT syndrome is a very rare genetic disease that is distinguished by the simultaneous presence of a short stature, prominent hyperextensibility of the joints, inguinal hernia[] Because the fingers are not permanently bent or curved, this particular finding is termed "pseudocamptodactyly" (pseudo meaning false).[] SHORT syndrome SHORT syndrome is inherited in a autosomal dominant manner SHORT syndrome is a medical condition in which affected individuals have multiple birth defects in[]

  • Achondroplasia

    Growth hormone treatment seems to have only modest short term success and to lack long term benefits.[] […] and lower legs large head size with prominent forehead and a flattened nasal bridge crowded or misaligned teeth curved lower spine — a condition also called lordosis (or[] BACKGROUND: Achondroplasia, showing short stature and disproportionately short limbs, causes physical inconvenience such as difficulty in reaching high objects.[]

  • Rothmund Thomson Syndrome

    A case of short root anomaly in a patient with Rothmund-Thomson syndrome is reported.[] The large bone of the forearm on the “pinky” side (ulnar) is short and curved and the short bone of the forearm on the thumb side (radius) is underdeveloped or missing.[] She has a small flat face with short palpebral fissures and micrognathia together with severe skeletal abnormalities of the upper extremities with absence of both radii, short[]

  • Geleophysic Dysplasia

    , short hands and feet and skin thickening.[] “I can do most other things, but she has been a complete learning curve when it comes to having to learn new ways of doing things.”[] Geleophysic dysplasia is a rare skeletal dysplasia characterised by 'happy natured' facies, short stature with short limbs, brachydactyly, and joint contractures.[]

  • Madelung Deformity

    Mutations of the SHOX (short stature homeobox-containing) gene have been previously described as causative in DCO.[] Due to this disturbance, the radius begins to grow in a curved direction. Along with the radius, there is another long bone in the forearm known as the ulna.[] Among them, short stature homeobox-containing gene (SHOX) mutations have an incidence of 2%-15% within the idiopathic short population.[]

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