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3,152 Possible Causes for Short Hands

  • Down Syndrome

    Small ears Small mouth Upward slanting eyes Wide, short hands with short fingers White spots on the colored part of the eye (Brushfield spots) Physical development is often[] Decreased muscle tone at birth Excess skin at the nape of the neck Flattened nose Separated joints between the bones of the skull (sutures) Single crease in the palm of the hand[]

  • Pseudoachondroplasia

    […] bowed diaphyses, flattened vertebrae, lumbar lordosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, 'spatula' ribs, hypermobility of major and acral joints, short hands and feet, contractures of[] […] and feet are short and thick. The fingers are all the same length, with separation of the middle and ring fingers (trident hand). 9. rhizomelic shortening of the humeruswith[] Pseudoachondroplasia (PSACH) is a skeletal dysplasia characterized by disproportionate short stature, small hands and feet, abnormal joints and early onset osteoarthritis.[]

  • Achondroplasia

    […] arms and legs; prominent abdomen and buttocks (due to inward curve of the spine); and short hands with fingers that assume a “trident” or three-pronged position during extension[] […] are short; fingers are stubby Average adult height is about 4 feet tall Achondroplasia 1.[] […] and feet Short phalanges Fingers of equal length (trident hand) Spine Narrowing of the interpediculate distance Thickening and shortening of the pedicles Narrowed AP diameter[]

  • Hypochondroplasia

    hands.[] Hypochondroplasia is a skeletal dysplasia characterized by short stature; stocky build; disproportionately short arms and legs; broad, short hands and feet; mild joint laxity[] Shortened Limbs Broad, short hands and feet Large head Limited range of motion in the elbow Sway of the lower back ( lordosis ) Bowed legs Small percentage have mild to moderate[]

  • Leri Pleonosteosis

    The features were short stature, narrowed palpebral fissures, short spade-like hands, broad thumbs in valgus position, genu recurvatum and generalized limitation of joint[] Many infants with this disorder have abnormally short and/or broad fingers (brachydactyly), giving the hands a “spade-shaped” appearance; the toes may also be affected.[] Characteristic abnormalities of the hands and feet may include unusually broad and/or short thumbs and great toes (brachydactyly) that may be bent outward from the body (valgus[]

  • Mohr Syndrome

    hands with clinodactyly of fifth finger , syndactly, post axial polydactyly of hands, preaxial polysyndactyly of feet and duplication of thumb and hallux)[2].[] […] syndrome Bardet-Biedl syndrome Biemond syndrome Ectrodactyly-ectodermal dysplasias-cleft lip/palate syndrome Ellis van Creveld syndrome McKusick-Kaufman syndrome Mirror hand[] […] deformity (ulnar dimelia), Mohr syndrome, oral-facial-digital syndrome, Pallister-Hall syndrome, Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, short rib polydactyly[]

  • Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia

    Other symptoms include short hands and possibly short, deformed limbs (varus).[] Bowing of the lower extremities, a prominent reduction in the length of the tibia compared to the fibula, very short hands characterized by increased laxity of the metacarpal[]

  • Curry Hall Syndrome

    […] and feet, and mild short stature.[] Postaxial hand polydactyly MedGen UID: 609221 • Concept ID: C0431904 • Congenital Abnormality Supernumerary digits located at the ulnar side of the hand (that is, on the side[] Conclusion WAD is a rare skeletal dysplasia characterized by oral and dental anomalies, onychodystrophy, polydactyly of the hands and feet, and mild short stature.[]

  • Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia, Cantu Type

    : brachydactyly short hands small carpals short, tapered phalanges single interphalangeal crease of fifth finger more Head And Neck Eyes: blepharophimosis curly eyelashes[] A person with SED-BDS will be shorter than most other people and will have short hands and feet. SED-BDS will cause someone to have a coarse voice.[] May 1, 2017 By Acromicric dysplasia is an extremely rare inherited disorder characterized by abnormally short hands and feet, growth retardation and delayed bone maturation[]

  • X-Linked Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia

    SEMDX will also cause the hands and feet to be short. SEMDX will cause bone growth problems in the vertebrae, femurs, pelvis, ulnas, and fibulas.[] *many common characteristics are similar to the that of the more common form of dwarfism SEDc* Short stature Short trunk Shortened limbs Usually have average sized hands and[] Presentation People with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia are short-statured from birth, with a very short trunk and neck and shortened limbs.[]

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