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4,132 Possible Causes for Short Stature, Shortening of the Metatarsals, Tarsal Bone Age Advanced

  • Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism

    She also exhibited a short stature, round face and brachydactyly with shortening of the metacarpal and metatarsal bones.[] A 31-year-old woman with the characteristic features of pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism, such as shortened metacarpals and metatarsals, round facies, and normal serum calcium[] Common musculoskeletal anomalies associated with PPH include shortening/bowing of long bones; shortening of metacarpals, metatarsals, and/or phalanges; exostoses; calcification[]

    Missing: Tarsal Bone Age Advanced
  • Schneckenbecken Dysplasia

    […] long bones, wide fibula, round vertebra, short ribs, splayed ribs, underdevelopment of scapulae, short head, and short stature.[] Shortening ; 24.8 Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia with Premature Onset Arthrosis ; 24.9 Vitreoretinopathy with phalangeal epiphyseal dysplasia ; 24.10 Stickler Dysplasia ; 25[] bone age Early bone maturation [ more ] 0005616 Advanced tarsal ossification 0008108 Cleft palate Cleft roof of mouth 0000175 Diaphyseal thickening Thickening of shaft or[]

  • Weismann Netter Syndrome

    […] in ambulation, or short stature.[] , and striking shortening of the middle phalanges of the toes (Fig. 7).[] Multiple Fractures 3 278 CRP008 Carpo Tarsal Osteolysis Recessive 3 279 CRN080 Craniofacial and Skeletal Defects 3 280 GGN003 Gigantism Advanced Bone Age Hoarse Cry 3 281[]

  • Platyspondyly

    Prominent clinical findings included short stature with platyspondyly, flat midface and Pierre Robin sequence, severe dysplasia of the proximal femora, and severe retinopathy[] The clavicles, ribs, metacarpals, metatarsals, and phalanges were especially thickened and widened. The long bones were shortened with flared metaphyses.[] tarsal bone age with a delta phalanx (summary by Huber et al., 2009).[]

  • Oculo-Osteo-Cutaneous Syndrome

    Atypical Clefting SHORT STATURE, MICROCEPHALY, AND ENDOCRINE DYSFUNCTION Short Stature, Onychodysplasia, Facial Dysmorphism, and Hypotrichosis SHORT STATURE, RHIZOMELIC, WITH[] This syndrome has characteristics of congenital anodontia, a small maxilla, short stature with shortened metacarpals and metatarsals, sparse hair, albinoidism and multiple[] Clinical: Congenital anodontia; small maxilla; short stature; shortening of metacarpals and metatarsals; little hair growth; albinoidism. McKusick VA.[]

    Missing: Tarsal Bone Age Advanced
  • Acrodysostosis

    A 12 year old girl with acrodysostosis: a rare cause of short stature. Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health, 38(2), pp.72–73. DOI: Published on 11 Jul 2009.[] Radiographic changes include severe shortening of metacarpals, metatarsals, and phalages, cone-shaped epiphyses of the hands and feet, premature fusion of the epiphyses, and[] Acrodysostosis is a very rare congenital multisystem condition characterized by skeletal dysplasia with severe brachydactyly, midfacial hypoplasia, and short stature, varying[]

    Missing: Tarsal Bone Age Advanced
  • Brachydactyly

    In 1989, Tsukahara and colleagues described a single female with a provisionally unique pattern of malformation consisting of low intelligence, short stature, brachydactyly[] In the rare cases with shortening of the metatarsal and the phalanges, there is an obvious deformity.[] stature, PTHLH type.[]

    Missing: Tarsal Bone Age Advanced
  • Coxa Valga

    MPS IVB is characterized by skeletal changes, including short stature and skeletal dysplasia. Affected children have no distinctive clinical findings at birth.[] In poliomyelitis,premature closure of the growth plate, resulting in shortening of the parent bone, is common. The metatarsals and knees are affected most frequently.[] dysplasias, and juvenile idiopathic arthritis.[]

  • Leri Pleonosteosis

    Léri's pleonosteosis a hereditary syndrome of premature and excessive ossification, with short stature, limitation of movement, broadening and deformity of digits, and a face[] […] long bone of hand 0010049 Short metatarsal Short long bone of foot 0010743 Short palm 0004279 Short phalanx of finger Short finger bones 0009803 Short stature Decreased body[] Shaw (1981) provided a follow-up on one of the boys (case 1), noting that shortening and broadening of the metacarpals, metatarsals, and phalanges with flexion deformities[]

    Missing: Tarsal Bone Age Advanced
  • Pseudohypoparathyroidism

    The patient had short stature, brachydactyly, and subcutaneous heterotopic ossifications.[] Laboratory investigation revealed evidence of pseudohypoparathyroidism and skeletal survey showed shortening of the metacarpals and metatarsals.[] […] of the metatarsals corresponding to the 3rd and 4th toes.[]

    Missing: Tarsal Bone Age Advanced

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