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1,772 Possible Causes for Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile, Sparse Hair

  • Rothmund Thomson Syndrome

    It is primarily a clinical diagnosis with manifestations that include poikiloderma, short stature, sparse hair, juvenile cataracts, small hands and feet, bone defects, photosensitivity[] The Rothmund-Thomson syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by poikiloderma, juvenile cataracts, bone abnormalities, short stature, sparse hair, hypogonadism, defective[] Rothmund Thomson syndrome (RTS) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder which is primarily diagnosed by clinical manifestations that include poikiloderma, short stature, sparse[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Coats Plus Syndrome

    hair, and dysplastic nails without cyst formation.[] hair, dystrophic nails, and primeval splashes of intracranial calcification.[] […] brain cysts is a special feature, whereas Coats plus is characterized by intrauterine growth retardation, bilateral retinal telangiectasias and exudations (Coats disease), sparse[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Costello Syndrome

    […] less coarse facial features and slow growing, sparse hair with abnormal texture, the latter resembling the pattern observed in Noonan syndrome-like disorder with loose anagen[] Cutaneous manifestations are: loose skin of the hands and feet "washer woman's hand", hyperkeratosis palmoplantaris, curly or sparse hair, acanthosis nigricans, papillomata[] This is often accompanied by soft skin, fine, sparse hair, and facial warts.[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Goldberg-Shprintzen Syndrome

    hair), cleft palate and iris coloboma.[] One of the described patients had sparse scalp hair, a sloping forehead, sparse eyebrows, broad nasal bridge, large ears, pointed chin, ventricular septal defect, hypospadias[] […] syndrome combining Hirschsprung disease, moderate mental retardation, microcephaly, polymicrogyria, facial dysmorphic features (hypertelorism, prominent nose, synophrys, sparse[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia

    Cartilage-hair hypoplasia (CHH) is a rare autosomal-recessive disorder characterized by short-limbed dwarfism, sparse hair, and immune deficiency.[] Cartilage-hair hypoplasia (CHH) is a rare autosomal recessive skeletal dysplasia characterized by short stature, sparse hair, and a variable degree of immunodeficiency.[] It is characterized by disproportionate short stature, fine sparse hair, ligamentous laxity, hematological abnormalities with anemia, a predisposition to malignant tumors,[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Syphilitic Alopecia

    Instead, they concluded that the sparse lymphocytic infiltrate and the absence of small or abnormal anagen hair follicles in alopecia syphilitica most reliably distinguish[] In men it begins in the twenties or early thirties with hair loss from the crown and the frontal and temple regions, ultimately leaving only a sparse peripheral rim of scalp[] Netherton syndrome is an inherited condition that produces short, spiky, lusterless, brittle hair that grows sparsely.[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

    Two of 3 patients have sparse hair that grows very slowly, and the eyebrows are sparse or missing.[] hair.[] Atypical features associated with FOP-plus include intraarticular synovial osteochondromatosis of hips, degenerative joint disease of hips, sparse/thin scalp hair (more prominent[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Oculo-Osteo-Cutaneous Syndrome

    15 absent pubic hair 32 HP:0002555 16 hypoplastic nipples 32 HP:0002557 17 short stature 32 HP:0004322 18 opacification of the corneal stroma 32 HP:0007759 19 sparse hair[] Sparse hair MedGen UID: 332942 • Concept ID: C1837770 • Finding Reduced density of hairs.[] Hair Thai Symphalangism Syndrome Thoraco Limb Dysplasia Rivera Type Thoracomelic Dysplasia Three M Syndrome 2 Thumb Deformity, Alopecia, Pigmentation Anomaly tooth and nail[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Hidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

    Sparse scalp hair and dysplastic nails are seen early in life.[] Underdeveloped Thick, discolored Hair Fine, brittle, slow-growing Total balding (alopecia) Missing in spots for males Sparse eyelashes Sparse eyebrow Absent underarm hair[] After puberty, male patterns of hair growth (e.g., moustache and beard) can be normal, while in other cases, facial and pubic hair growth may be sparse.[]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile
  • Secondary Syphilis

    A 39-year-old Japanese man presented to our hospital complaining of left chest pain and rash on the hands and feet. Plain thoracic computed tomography (CT) revealed multiple nodular shadows in the left lower lobe of the lung. A diagnosis of secondary syphilis was made based on the appearance of the rash and[…][]

    Missing: Short Stature - 5th-10th Percentile

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