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154 Possible Causes for Short Stature in Children, small, Triangular Face

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  • Russell-Silver Syndrome

    The wide prominent forehead contrasts with the small, triangular face with a small pointed chin, a wide mouth with thin lips and down-turned corners, large eyes and bluish[] We describe a 10-year-old Taiwanese RSS girl with prenatal and postnatal growth retardation, relative macrocephaly, a triangular face, frontal bossing, and mild fifth finger[] Russell-Silver syndrome (RSS) is characterized by slow growth both in utero and after birth, short stature, and specific facial features.[]

  • SHORT Syndrome

    ) Bypass surgery to treat obesity Surgery to remove diseases or damaged portion of the small intestineSome children are also born with an abnormally short small intestine,[] Other characteristics common in SHORT syndrome are a triangular face, small chin with a dimple, a loss of fat under the skin ( lipodystrophy ), abnormal position of the ears[] Most children and adolescents who have short stature are short because their families are short, or because their growth spurt came at the late end of the normal range of[]

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta

    However, for decades, the molecular defect of a small percentage of patients clinically diagnosed with OI has remained elusive.[] Disproportionately short and triangular face with blue sclera was noticed at birth. She can barely walk and suffered multiple fractures till 2-year old.[] Despite numerous fractures, restricted activity, and short stature, most adults and children with OI lead productive and successful lives.[]

  • Noonan Syndrome

    80%-99% of people have these symptoms Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the abdominal wall musculature Absent/small abdominal wall muscles Absent/underdeveloped abdominal wall muscles[] Noonan syndrome (NS) is the most common non-chromosomal syndrome seen in children and is characterized by short stature, dysmorphic facial features, chest deformity, a wide[] All children had short stature, with a mean S.D. 3.27 in heights. Hand–wrist radiography showed a moderately delayed bone age in all patients.[]

  • Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome

    Respiratory and swallowing problems are frequently encountered in these patients due to small orifices of mouth and nose.[] […] that is pointed at the chin giving the face a triangular appearance.[] […] vertical talus, ulnar deviation, severe camptodactyly, and a distinctive face characterized by a triangular shape, prominent nasolabial folds, downslanting palpebral fissures, small[]

  • Three M Syndrome

    Many children with SRS have a small, triangular face with distinctive facial features including a prominent forehead, a narrow chin, a small jaw, and down-turned corners of[] Additionally, this syndrome is characterized by dysmorphic facial features (large head, dolichocephaly, frontal bossing, a triangular face, long philtrum and hypoplastic midface[] Children with short stature can also be treated with recombinant growth hormone Use of joint laxity should help in controlling the development of arthritis Males with this[]

  • Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome

    Symptoms of the craniosynostosis syndromes can include stapes ankylosis, a fixed ossicular chain in a too small epitympanum, and small or even absent mastoids.[] Cases have also been reported in which the head appears triangular in shape (trigonocephaly) or the forehead is unusually prominent due to premature closure of the suture[] In addition to fused sutures, children with Saethre Chotzen syndrome also have a characteristic low-set hairline, a “beaked” nose and short stature.[]

  • Robinow Syndrome

    […] stature [ more ] 0004322 Small hand Disproportionately small hands 0200055 Thin upper lip vermilion Thin upper lip 0000219 Upslanted palpebral fissure Upward slanting of[] A syndrome of prenatal growth deficiency with postnatal immature bone development, developmental asymmetry, abnormal sexual development, small triangular face, cafe-au-lait[] Most children with Robinow syndrome experience growth delays after birth, resulting in slight to moderate short stature.[]

  • Skeletal Dysplasia

    OBJECTIVE: To assess the prevalence of skeletal dysplasias (SDs) in patients with idiopathic short stature (ISS) or small for gestational age (SGA) status.[] Infants and children with OI are often described as having a triangular-shaped face. The skull is relatively large compared to body size. Other skeletal problems.[] Skeletal dysplasias are a group of genetic disorders characterized by short stature. They are frequently associated with a range of orthopaedic problems.[]

  • Bloom Syndrome

    BACKGROUND: GH treatment has become a frequently applied growth-promoting therapy in short children born small for gestational age (SGA).[] Other symptoms present may be a narrow, triangular shaped face, small jaw, protruding ears and prominent nose.[] In BLM-/- mice, small body size, reduced number of fetal liver cells and increased cell death were observed.[]

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